Return to work after retirement? Yes, with these 5 jobs for inexperienced seniors!

Retirement doesn’t always mean the end of professional activity for everyone. On the contrary, it can be an opportunity to embark on new adventures, explore unknown fields and share your skills with others.

It’s not uncommon for senior citizens to want to get back to work after a well-earned rest. And why shouldn’t they? Seniors have a multitude of assets to offer, such as wisdom, experience and a certain emotional stability. But how can you find a job that suits their needs and desires without any previous experience in this field? Don’t panic! There are jobs out there for seniors with no previous experience, enabling them to make the most of this new stage in their lives.

Home-based administrative assistant

The rise of teleworking has opened up many opportunities for senior citizens wishing to work from home. As a home-based administrative assistant, you can help companies and entrepreneurs with day-to-day tasks such as diary management, writing e-mails or bookkeeping. This type of job is often accessible without any previous experience, and all you need to succeed is to be organized and rigorous.

Local Tour Guide

If you have a good knowledge of your region and like to share your discoveries with others, why not become a local tour guide? This activity not only allows you to meet people from all over the world, but also to share your passion for your region. No experience is required – all you need is a good knowledge of tourist sites and a good sense of how to interact with visitors.

Creative workshop leader

Express your creativity by leading creative workshops for children, teenagers or adults. Whether you’re passionate about painting, sculpture, pottery, sewing or any other artistic field, you can share your skills and know-how with others. You don’t necessarily need any previous experience to run workshops, but a good command of your discipline and a keen sense of pedagogy are essential.

Property janitor

Many people are looking for property janitors to look after their second or main homes while they’re away. This type of job is ideally suited to senior citizens with no specific experience, as it mainly requires seriousness and reliability. As a janitor, you’ll be responsible for the general upkeep of the property, welcoming tenants and monitoring any work that needs to be done.


If you’re an animal lover, becoming a pet-sitter could be a great option for you. Pet owners are often looking for people they can trust to look after their four-legged friends while they’re away. You can offer services such as house-sitting, walking or regular visits to feed and play with the animals. No experience is necessary, but good contact with animals is essential.

EmploymentAverage monthly salary (in euros)
Home-based administrative assistant1 500 – 2 000
Local tour guide1 200 – 1 800
Creative workshop leader1 100 – 1 600
Property janitor1,000 – 1,500 (including accommodation)
Pet-sitter500 – 1,200 (depending on number of missions)

After all, retirement doesn’t necessarily mean the end of all professional activity. There are many opportunities available to senior citizens with no specific experience, whether to supplement their income or simply to stay active and involved in social life. Feel free to explore these different options to find the one that best suits your desires and skills.

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