Expanding Young Minds

  The Reston Early Learning Centre is expanding it programming by introducing interactive invitations. An invitation is a set up of materials/toys for children to come, discover, and play with however they choose. An invitation does not have to be something fancy and you do not have to go out and buy a bunch of new toys/supplies. An invitation can simply be setting up the art table with glitter glue, buttons, feathers, felt pieces, paper and scissors. This gives the children creative freedom. They are allowed to create whatever they want.

 Here at the Centre, Jaleesa has created a 3 little pig’s invitation table. It includes: a story of the three little pigs, a felt board with characters made of felt and 3 little stations where at each station the children can create one of the pig’s houses. One plate has a small bucket with straw in front of it, another with sticks and the third with bricks (small Lego pieces). She also included 3 little plastic pigs and a wolf for them to retell the story of the three little pigs or they could make up their own!

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  Destiny and Jordan have made invitations in the water table. Destiny made fish and fishing rods from pipe cleaners, filled the water table with blue water and let the children go fishing. Jordan also used blue water. She accompanied the blue water with sea animals and filled the bottom with shinny rocks.

  Justine put soap bars in the water table with a bunch of play tools. The children were confused at first what they were to do with it. She asked them what they thought they could do with it. They quickly started smashing and taking the soap bars apart till it was soap dust!

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