Summer Reading Wind Up

Reston and District held their Summer Reading Wind Up on Wednesday, August 30. The program was a great success with the library reaching their goal of decorating their display Canada Day cake with 150 colourful candles, decorated by the Summer Readers. Guests enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake baked and decorated by Amanda Gray, along with refreshments. After cake Nancy Elliott and Nancy Schiltroth drew the names of the winners (participants of the Summer Reading Program) and handed out prizes. Congratulations to Payton Flannery, Andie Williamson, Cadee Sobrey, Anastasia Graham, Savannah Kendrick, Owen Wray, Tyson Boulton, Jamie Williamson, Rossi Watt and Inara Ozeroff. If you haven’t claimed your prize yet make sure to make your way over to the library. 

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