A Moment of Meditation

 We all have defects - a temper that gets out of control, unkind, cutting words that hurt another person, resentments that we harbour, jealousy that takes hold, and hangs on, a lack of trust in others, a critical streak that breaks out all too often.

 Do we ask God for forgiveness?  When we admit that we have been wrong, and done wrong, God forgives. Jesus hadn't done anything wrong, and yet when the soldiers hung him from a cross, Jesus asked God to forgive them!

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 On February 23rd, Pipestone and Reston United Churches will be joining in fellowship with St. John's Anglican Church at 9:30am. Please join us! 

After worshiping with the Anglican Church, we have a  'Let's Talk' group planned for the afternoon at 2:00 p.m. in the Reston United Church. This is your invitation to join us.

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