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Adult Large Print:

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Ambush- Michael Bennett # 11

By James Patterson and James O. Born

 The life of New York's top cop is not the only one at risk. One of Bennett's children sustains a mysterious injury. And a series of murders follows, each with a distinct signature, alerting Bennet to the presence of a professional killer. 

Adult Amish/Christian Fiction:

The Amish Miracle – Three books in one

# 1 Always in My Heart by Mary Ellis

 Becky Byler considers suicide before begging God for a miracle. Her prayers are answered. But does she like the person she has become. Has the man she’s dreamed of been right beside her all along.

# 2 Always His Providence by Ruth Reid

 Widow Rosa Hostetler must pay her delinquent taxes or lose her farm. She’s prepared to sell whatever is necessary to pay the lien, but she refuses to ask for help. Only a miracle can help Rosa accept the kindness of a neighbour.

# 3 Always Beautiful by Beth Wiseman

 Hope Bowman believes God is punishing her for giving up her firstborn son when she was a teenager. She's hidden this secret from her husband, who is thankful for their daughters but longs for a son. Hope prays desperately, but the son God sends her isn't a new baby but the fifteen-year-old boy she gave up years ago.

Adult Fiction:

A Sorrowful Sanctuary – A Lane Winslow Mystery #5

By Iona Whishaw

 Lane Winslow investigates the murder of an unidentified man she found adrift in a boat near King's Cove.

A young boy finds an unsettling clue on the beach--a bright red swastika lapel pin--that points to the National Unity Party of Canada. When the anonymous man succumbs to his injuries, the murder investigation leads to ties in the old country.

Oopps my mistake.

 Last Month I introduced a new Series written by Souris Author, Rebekah Lee Jenkins. In my column I talked about:

Hope in Oakland, Book One

For the book outline it should have read:

 Cora Rood, Canada’s first female lawyer and prominent suffragette handles an impossible case. She represents Adeline Pitman in a divorce court against Toronto’s most notorious crime boss, Eli Pitman. Cora escapes Toronto amidst threats and intimidation after losing the case. She heads home to Oakland where she is presented with yet another heart wrenching divorce case. Cora steps forward again in the battle for equality rather than watch the courts destroy another woman.

As the clock ticks and a life hangs in the balance, the community of Oakland, Manitoba comes together to help Cora recover her true purpose in life. If there is a spark of hope in Oakland that will heal Cora, they are determined to fan the flame. The Women’s rights movement and the desperate need to eliminate a shocking double standard in the Canadian courts depends on one woman recovering her voice – and raising it.

This month’s book

The Night They Came for Til, Book Two

By Rebekah Jenkins

 No war is waged without violence

 The years of intense training at her aunt’s side have taught Shannon much more than how to be a midwife. She sees first-hand how dangerous fighting for women’s rights and access to birth control can be.

 A brutal attack destroys much of their hard work and results in her Aunt’s incarceration. To avoid further scandal, her Uncle ships Shannon off to Canada where she’ll be safe. They are wrong. In Oakland, Manitoba, Shannon lands in the midst of a new fight. She has a choice: stay safe or help a whole community of women find their voice. She chooses to fight.

Adult Non-Fiction:

Educated – A Memoir

By Tara Westover

 An unforgettable memoir of a young girl who, kept out of school, leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University.



Matters of Vital Interest – Eric Lerner

 A memoir of the author's decades-long friendship and spiritual journey with the late singer, songwriter, novelist, and poet Leonard Cohen. Cohen passed away in late 2016, leaving behind many who cared for and admired him, but perhaps few knew him better than long time friend Eric Lerner



Who’s In The Garden?By Phillis Gershator, Illustrated by Jill McDonald    

 In this novelty book, small children are invited to look through the holes on every other page to answer the repeating refrain, 'Who's coming to see how my garden grows?'. The rhyming text introduces all sorts of creatures that are busy foraging and frolicking in the garden.


Junior Reading – Gr. 2 – 6

Who Is Albert Einstein?

By Jess Brailler

 How much do kids really know about Albert Einstein? The Story of Albert Einstein’s life told in a fun and engaging way that explores how he changed the world we live in.

 These “Who Is” or “What is” Series invite kids to explore history by learning about science, sports, music, politics and world events. Each book tells the story of a person’s major accomplishments and discusses historic events that shaped his or her world.

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