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 Hello everyone. Welcome to Summer! I hope everyone gets a chance to check out and enjoy some of the summer weather and Reston’s Lake and Splash Park.


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TD Summer Reading Club Program

 Once again, the Reston & District Library will be hosting the TD Summer Reading Club for kids aged 0 – 12. Our program will run for the summer months from July 2 to August 21. This program is for families, and kids whether they are at home, visiting their grandparents, cousins or are at the daycare or Day camp. Everyone is welcome.

 This year’s theme for the TD Summer Reading Club is the “Natural World.” Kids are invited to “unplug” and take a moment to explore and learn about stories of nature through reading, adventure and play. Be awed by nature, weather, natural disasters, seasons, understanding the earth and wonder about our connection to each other and the earth that sustains us.

 For our interactive activity this year, children will be encouraged to explore their own backyards and neighbourhoods for natural items like leaves, pine cones, bark, and feathers etc. When kids come to the Reston & District Library, they will be able to hang their find on the branches of our potted tree in the library. We’ll watch as the tree fills up through the summer.

 By exploring the outside world, whether real or imagined, children’s playful curiosity will give rise to questions about the world around us.

 When each child registers for the TD Summer Reading Club they will receive a passport book geared to Pre-Reader or Reader Levels. For each library book they return to the Library, they will receive a sticker for their passport book and a chance to put their name in for the prize book of their choice.

 For the book prizes, we will once again have two book choices for each of the four age group; 0 – 2-year olds, 3 – 5-year olds, 6 – 8-year olds and 9 – 12-year olds. The more books they read or have read to them, the more chances they have to win their book choice.

 The Reston & District Library is pleased to say that the numbers of participants in the Summer Reading Club has been steadily rising. In 2016, 31 kids signed up. In 2017, 64 kids took part. Then in 2018, 91 kids signed up. We hope to keep our numbers or exceed them again this year.

 The Librarian visited the Reston School on the last day of classes to talk to the K – Grade 6 students about the TD Summer Reading Club and the fun activities planned.

 The Library has also connected with the Reston Daycare and the PAREC Day Camp organizers about taking part again in the TD Summer Reading Club Activities. We will be holding our Summer Reading Club wind-up the second last week of August, so that the Day Camp and Day care kids and staff can take part in our wind up.

 Last year the response from the Daycare and Day camp was fantastic and we want to welcome them back to take part in our Summer Reading Club activities and the wind-up on August 21, 2019 by enjoying activities, snacks and refreshments as well as being there for when the prize draws for the book prizes is made.

We look forward to seeing all the kids at the Library!


 Scrabble has been winding down with the busy month and people heading off to enjoy our weather. We will continue Scrabble in September, starting on September 11, 2019 at 1:30 pm.

 Scrabble was very popular for the past 4 – 5 months. We hope all the players enjoyed themselves and will come again to play in September. We all learned a lot of new words. We will again open it to beginner to advanced players. Please, just show up on Wednesday’s at 1:30 if you want to play.

 To sign up for September Scrabble please call the Library at 207-877-3673 or call Senior’s Helping Hands at 204-877-3920.

Moms and Tots Group

 Moms and Tots has been slow for June. With the nice weather, and Reston’s splash park and now the Lake, families will be out enjoying the summer weather and Reston’s newest spots to cool off. Mom’s and Tots will continue through the summer if Mom’s are looking for a cool place to bring their kids and have a coffee and visit with other Moms. We are air conditioned, so keep that in mind.

 Moms and Tots takes place on Wednesday Mornings from 10 am to 11am at the Reston & District Library. Please join us for book reading, play time, coloring and coffee. Thank you to the Moms who have invited new people in town to our Moms and Tots. We want everyone to feel welcome.

Author Visits

 We will be looking to arrange an author visit to the Reston & District library for September or October. So if anyone has an Authors in mind that Reston & District Library could invite, please stop in and talk to us or contact the Library at 204-877-3673 or email at .

Book Club

 June’s Book Club book was: The Home for Unwanted Girls by Joanna Goodman. This book is a book of fiction based on the author’s Mother’s story of being an orphan in Quebec during the 1950’s.

 The Book Club met for supper and discussion on Wednesday June 19th at 5:30 pm at the Reston Golf Clubhouse. There was a great discussion about this book. We had nine Book Club Members attend.

 From October to April The Book Club meets the last Wednesday of each month at the Dennis County Cafe. The Book Club will meet in September, and then in May and June at the Golf Course Clubhouse. If you would like to join the Book Club please contact the Library at 204-877-3673.


 We are always looking for book suggestions for Book Club as well. So, if you have any books or authors you would like to suggest, just give us a call. Please watch each month for our posters around town, on Facebook and our website for announcements for the book choice and meeting date.

E-Books – Perfect for summer reading

 Do you or your family want to enjoy books on your e-device this summer?  You can sign up for the free Overdrive Libby app at the Reston & District Library. You can then download books when you are at home, the library or where you have access to wifi on your summer break. This will allow you to read while you are on your summer holidays. Don’t have an e-device. You can download audio books to listen to on your iPhone as well.

 If your family has more than one e-device, the libby app will allow more than one user from the same family to read or listen to different books at the same time on your devices.

 Ask us how to sign up for the new Overdrive Libby app for your e-reader or device by calling the library at 204-877-3673. We’ll set you up with your library number and password and show you how to download and how to use the Libby app. This will allow you to take out books at your convenience where ever you are.

 All the eBooks read by our patrons go towards our stats. So, it’s a win-win. You have books at your fingertips and we get to count them towards our stats.


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