Boulton Family Reunion

Just over 105 years after Thomas Boulton and Elsie Bushby were married, their family gathered to reminisce and welcome the newest members. Saturday, July 20, 2019 was the day to meet in Pipestone Hall, 25 years since their last gathering during the Year of the Family in 1994. Fifty-three members of three generations gathered to view family pictures and memorabilia and share a potluck meal and visiting. The eldest of the group is closing in on 80 years and the youngest was born a month ago. 

 Thomas Edwin Boulton was born in 1876 in Leeds, Ontario near Brockville. In 1892, he came west with his parents Benjamin and Ann along with his older brother Herb and his younger brother Anthony as well as 2 sisters, Louisa and Susie. Keen to get set up prairie farming, the family took out homestead on NE 24-6-28 in the Kinloss District, south of Reston. 

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 Elsie Norah Bushby was born in 1884 in Eastbourne, Sussex, England. She followed her brothers to Canada and Reston in 1913 on the ship Ausonia along with her father and sister Gertie. 
Elsie and Thomas were married on Monday May 4, 1914 at the home of his sister Susan and Hazen Bigney in Reston and went on to have 8 children.

Edna Kathleen (later Pearn) 1915-2006;Emily Patience 1916-1918;Ann Henrietta 1916-1942;
Violet Lillian (later Sowtis) 1918-2009; Edwin Benjamin 1920-1988; John Franklin 1925-2014; Mary Lorraine (later Milliken) 1928-2013; Jean Mabel (later Elliott) 1930-2010.

  As of today, we number 16 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren, 30 great great grandchildren and 7 great great great grandchildren. We all celebrate our proud heritage and being taught the values of hard work and staying connected to roots. The Boultons are proud to represent Elsie and Thomas in our communities from as far away as Salt Spring Island, BC to Winnipeg, Brandon, Pipestone and Reston and beyond. 

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