Days Gone By

1 Yr. – July 28, 2017

Pipestone’s John Patmore is starting to feel the excitement of representing Manitoba as part of the baseball team for the 2017 Canada Summer Games. The Summer Games are held in Winnipeg this year and start July 28 – August 13…Westwood Ranch and Garden Centre have added a new addition to their grounds this summer and fall season. This is the first year for Westwood Ranch to introduce the corn maze…Rosemary and The Sweet Sound Revival performed as part of the week’s Arts Mosiac at the Reston Memorial Theatre…Ty Vandenberghe’s 4-H steer was sold to Van L Equipment. Pipestone 4-H Beef Club thanked all their buyers for the 2017 year...The Sinclair Social Committee thanked their sponsors for the 9th annual Sinclair Redneck Days. A total of $15,000 will be donated to the Pipestone Playground, Sinclair Hall, Reston Nursery School, Reston Rink, Reston Minor Ball, Palliative Care and Spray Park Project.

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10 Yrs. – July 26, 2008

The Horizon Blimp visited Reston on Friday, July 18, 2008 with a show for the kids at the Fair Grounds and a second aerial show later in the day…Reston Rockets All Stars: Danny Andres – First Baseman; Rory Tycoles – Utility Player; Cory Neer – Pitcher…Enbridge donated $2,500 to Reston School Playground Project…Reston Drugs was again the victim of a break and entry. Perpetrators were caught on the newly installed video surveillance-system. Meghan Elliott, Samantha Price and Julia Jago make up this year’s Reston Green Team…Farmer’s Market in Reston started on July 19th with George and Lorna Milliken selling a nice variety of garden produce at the Farmer’s Market.

20 Yrs. – July 28, 1998

The RM of Pipestone and the Reston L.U.D. have sponsored two signs which were erected on the east and west edges of town…An open meeting will be held concerning the proposed relocation of the Reston Medical Clinic and also an additional medical doctor for Reston…Alex MacKenzie of Pipestone met his cousin, Christina Townsend of Poulton-Le-Fylde, England last week. Christina was the second member of their family to come from England/Scotland to Canada for a reunion after losing contact for about fifty years…Mariah Payton Hamel was born on July 9, 1998.

30 Yrs. – July 27, 1988

Jim Downey, MLA for Arthur, in his speech at the Official Opening of Reston Fair, announced that the RCMP will be reinstated in Reston in September…Crowned as Reston Fair Queen 1988 was Coraleigh Henuset (Pipestone). First Runner-up was Carolyn Walker (Reston) and Second Runner-up was Patti Skelton (Sinclair).

40 Yrs. – July 27, 1978

Harvest is underway in the district with rye being delivered at Reston and Pipestone elevators on Monday…Triplets (calves) were born on the farm of Ben Jackson on July 21st. Their weights were 67 lbs., 61 lbs. and 60 lbs.

50 Yrs. – July 25, 1968

Dean Henuset won the championship at the 4-H Beef Club of Pipestone Achievement Day on July 23rd.

60 Yrs. – July 29, 1958

Winds of tornado force ripped through the Reston, Tilston, Sinclair, Pipestone and Ewart districts leaving a trail of broken barns, granaries, hen houses ad small buildings.

70 Yrs. – July 28, 1948

A large number gathered at the Nicholson Grove for the annual Pipestone School Picnic…Grasshoppers have done and are still doing considerable damage to oats and barley crops of the district.

80 Yrs. – July 29, 1938

The vote in Albert Municipality on the local option resulted in a 120 to 60 majority against the sale of beer by the glass. The only pool to vote in favour of the sale was Broomhill with 10 and 6 against.

90 Yrs. – July 25, 1928

Free Telephone service within the Rural Municipality has been arranged and the RM is presently in charge of a gang construction trunk lines from Sinclair to Pipestone and from Pipestone to Virden so that the service can be instituted.

100 Yrs. – August 8, 1918

Ninety of the 300 voters went to the polls on Thursday and elected John McArthur, Mrs. H.B. MacGregor and Mrs. T.A. Bulloch to the board of the Reston School District. With two women on the board it is expected that our school affairs will receive much closer attention than before.

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