Days Gone By

1 Yr. – Aug. 11, 2017

The community of Reston couldn’t be more excited to finally get to view their episode of CBC’s “Still Standing” on Tuesday, August 8. Comic Jonny Harris and crew brought light to the town of Reston and showed how important it is to stick together through the hard times as well as the good times…10 year and 30 year reunions were held for the classes of 2007 and 1987 in Reston…Dakota Renwick and Tanya Martin performed at Music in the Park on August 2. Mariah Hamel also performed a solo…Team Manitoba won the silver medal at the Summer Games as fans cheered on number 19 John Patmore of Pipestone.

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10 Yrs. – Aug. 9, 2008

Pipestone and Reston United Churches are pleased to welcome Revered Dwight Rutherford as their new minister. Dwight moved to Reston on Friday, August 1st and welcomes everyone to his first service on Sunday, August 10…Oildome AAA Midgets bring home silver with coach Rory Tycoles.

20 Yrs. – Aug. 11, 1998

Manitoba Health is planning to close the present Reston Medical Clinic and relocate it to the Reston Health Centre…Ann Hansen of Sinclair is the new Congregate Meals Program Coordinator…Allan and Michelle Gervin and Ray and Debbie Hall organized the fifth annual Cromer Area Trail Ride on July 26 to raise money for families in need…Congratulations to Brent Cook who achieved a hole in one on #8 at the Reston RCMP Golf Tournament.

30 Yrs. – Aug. 10, 1988

Friday morning was the beginning of the 28th annual Canupawakpa Wacipi Pow Wow held at Oak Lake Sioux Reserve…Allison Valdine Manning graduated with honours recently graduated with honours from the University of North Dakota, receiving her Masters Degree in Speech Pathology.

40 Yrs. – Aug. 10, 1978

A 3 to 1 win for the Scarth Suns over the Souris End Barley team climaxed the Pipestone three day fastball tournament…The Canadian Wheat Board announced that opening quotas for deliveries of all grains to country elevators will be delayed until August 21st.

50 Yrs. – Aug. 15, 1968

The first wheat from the current crop was delivered to the Pool Elevator at Pipestone by Sam Flannery. It graded No. 1 and weighed 62 lbs. per bushel.

60 Yrs. – Aug. 14, 1958

The 50th anniversary of the Antler United Church will be observed Sunday, August 17..The Sinclair Sunday School picnic was held August 7th.

70 Yrs. – Aug. 18, 1948

Reston Baseball Club took the measure of the Carlyle Club 5 to 3 on Sunday afternoon. Bobby Grierson, one of Tilston’s contributions to the Reston Club was on the mound with his battery mate being Neuf Olenick.

80 Yrs. – Aug. 18, 1938

At a meeting of the RM of Pipestone on August 10th, C.E. Woodcock and E.J. Langstaff were appointed as collectors for the municipality with instructions to collect every dollar possible.

90 Yrs. – Aug. 16, 1928

The finishing touches to the Masonic Hall and McMurchy Bros. Garage are being completed with the stucco being applied...A two door Oldsmobile Sedan sells for $1,165.00 at the factory at Oshawa, Ontario re: an advertisement for J.B. Townsley, the dealer in Reston.

100 Yrs. – Aug. 22, 1918

The editor and his family and Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Manning were forced to leave the car at Glenboro and return to Reston by train because of rain while returning from Roland. The roads were a sea of mud and it took three hours to travel from Holland to Glenboro.

110 Yrs. – Aug. 20, 1908

Mr. A.K. Cates, B.A. has opened up a law office in Reston.

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