Days Gone By

1 Yr. – Aug. 25, 2017

As the preparation of the grounds begins on the soon to be Reston Splash Park pad, the RM of Pipestone has received exciting news that the Farm Credit Canada (FCC) has decided to award the project with $10,000 as a part of their FCC AgriSpririt Fund…Pipestone Rink Committee have found a new owner for their onsite restaurant, Wanda Grant, has decided to begin a new journey as the restaurant owner of the Comeback Café…Dinner in the Field winners from QCountry 91.5FM was the Mackenzie family of Pipestone…Carrie Tapp and Lisa Pubach are the new staff members at Reston School.

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10 Yrs - Aug. 23, 2008

Approximately 800 people came out to watch the RCMP Musical Ride at 7:30 p.m. at the Pipestone/Albert Agriculture Grounds in Reston. As promised the RCMP Musical ride was perfect right down to the weather. Proceeds from the Musical Ride will be forwarded to “A-Port-in the Storm” Foundation…Armadillo played live at the Reston Fair Grounds prior to the RCMP Musical Ride…Five Generations: Phyllis Craig, Sydney Gray, Louise Donald, Mila Berry and Shaune Berry.

20 Yrs. – Aug. 25, 1998

Tilston farmer Bill Campbell is waging a battle against a dangerous gas – sulphide dioxide. Bill is sleeping in his trailer parked out in the Tilston Ball Park out of necessity…Reston farmer, Doug Zarn wins 200 hours free combine use.

30 Yrs. – Aug. 24, 1988

The Reston Museum held a Grand Opening…Despite the lack of moisture this year, not all crops are a complete failure, some summer fallow fields of wheat are running more than 20 bushels to the acre…Nichole and Andrea are pleased to announce the arrival of their new sister, Kayla Renee, born August 10, a new daughter for Howard and Lorrie Moore.

40 Yrs. – Aug. 24, 1978

The Grand Opening of Ron Mitchell Sales and Auto Body Service was held Saturday afternoon in Pipestone…The Barn Dance held Friday night at the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Jackson was well attended.

50 Yrs. – Aug. 28, 1968

A Forsyth family gathering at Souris on Sunday, August 25th welcomed home Dr. and Mrs. George Forsyth and Jim of Raleigh, NC.

60 Yrs. – Aug. 28, 1958

Because of the crowded conditions 13 pupils wishing to attend the High School at Reston had to be turned away.

70 Yrs. – Sept. 2, 1948

School reopened at Reston on Wednesday of last week with J.C. Callander principal.

80 Yrs. – Sept. 1, 1938

Wide variations in the yields are reported with some fields of wheat going 20 to 22 bushels to the acre while others are only yielding half as much. Durums have not yielded well.

90 Yrs. – Aug. 30, 1928

The Recorder representative after seeing a combine in operation at the farm of John Baldwin says, “It is not at all unlikely that when farmers wear out the small mills that have come into general use during the last few years, that they will purchase a combine.”

100 Yrs. – Aug. 28, 1918

An additional room has been opened for the school located in the Methodist Church building…Cutting operations are in full swing and with a continuance of good weather most of the cutting will be wound up in 10 to 12 days.

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