Days Gone By

1 Yr. – Sept. 8, 2017

For Reston’s long time Postmaster, Candice Morris, it’s hard to believe that 35 years has come and gone. Back in 1982 Candice has hired on by Postmaster Gary McEheron and started her first day at the Reston office with no idea that this part-time job would turn into the career it is today…Reston and District Library held their Summer Reading Program  Wind Up on Wednesday, August 30. The program was a great success with the Library reaching their goal of decorating their display Canada Day cake with 150 colourful candles, decorated by the summer readers.

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10 Yrs. – Sept. 6, 2008

Reston Elementary and Reston Collegiate welcomed back students on September 3, 2008 for the first day of classes… Senior Helping Hand held an Afternoon tea on Wednesday, August 27 to say good-bye to summer. Amber Caldwell and Mallory Fotheringham provided entertainment with various piano selections.

20 Yrs. – Sept. 8, 1998

On September 1st, Helen Buhay of Reston opened for business with a Craft and Tea Room… A farewell evening was held for Gerry and Susan Clark.

30 Yrs. – Sept. 7, 1988

A bridge which crossed the Pipestone creek a mile north of the Van Loo farm was destroyed by fire August 30th… The new museum shed is progressing well.

40 Yrs. – Sept. 7, 1978

For the first time since 1897 the doors of the Pipestone School did not open to receive pupils for the fall term… The doors of two Reston schools opened on Tuesday with a total of 343 students

50 Yrs. – Sept. 7, 1968

An old Landmark disappeared last week when a bulldozer finished the work of demolishing the old fire hall, also the old Archer Building and what was left of the old Recorder office.

60 Yrs. – Sept. 11, 1958

Thieves broke into Lockhart and Sons Garage over the weekend but failed in their attempt to open the safe.

70 Yrs.  – Sept. 16, 1948

Harvesting is progressing well. Practically all the crop with the exception of flax is in the bin… A barn and two granaries on the farm of Herb Dickson were destroyed by fire Monday evening… Bobby Walker of Linklater district walked into the Recorder office Monday with a strange looking tomato. The tomato had a portion on the top that resembled the head of a monkey… Wm. Lockhart and Son are working hard on their property on Railroad Ave., where they opened a garage.

80 Yrs. – Sept. 15, 1938

The Stampede was held at Broomhill on Friday but was not as largely attended as a year ago but the show was much improved.

90 Yrs. – Sept. 13, 1928

Cutting, with the exception of a few fields of late grain, is almost complete and a large number of threshing outfits started work.

100 Yrs. – Aug. 29, 1918

The presence of smallpox of a mild type in the Cromer district has resulted in the action of vaccinating the school children in the Reston District as a precautionary measure.

110 Yrs. – Aug. 29, 1908

A large land deal went through last week when Mr. Jos. Dishau sold a section of land to J.J. Ashley, the price realized being $23.00 per acre.



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