Days Gone By

1 Yr. – Sept. 15, 2017

The National Kids Cancer Ride rode through Reston on Tuesday, September 12 and stopped to fuel up their hard working bodies and take a rest at the RES Centre…The 66th Annual Fun Fair is fast approaching on September 29…Pipestone Livestock Sales Open House was a great success. Guests got to shake hands and enjoy a barbecue with owners, Rhett Parks and Kelly and Brock Taylor.

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10 Yrs. – Sept. 13, 2008

Winners of the Four Corners Associates/Reston Fine Foods Golf Tournament were Aaron Tycoles, Tyler and Ang Henderson, Brooke Henderson, Sheldon and Andrea Guthrie. $500 from the tournament was donated to the Reston School Playground Project…Five students from École de Bellegarde had the opportunity to participate in the Jeux de la Francophone Canadienne in Edmonton: Jaleesa Johnston, Chantal Poirier, Brandi Bertholet, Glen Jackson and Jaelene Poirier…Reston Memorial Theatre showed The Stone Angel this weekend. The Stone Angel, first published in 1964 is perhaps the best-known of Margaret Lawrence’s novels set in the fictitious town of Manawaka, Manitoba. The movie was filmed in Winnipeg and Hartney with many of the locals cast as extras.

20 Yrs. – Sept. 15, 1998

Sally Sutter of Redvers recently attended the Mariposa National Training Centre in Barrie, ON for 4 weeks of Summer Skating School. She was coached by Dough Leigh and Rob Tebby, who are Elvis Stoijko’s coaches. Sally is coached by Cheryl Bartel of Sinclair.

30 Yrs. – Sept. 14, 1988

Horseshoe players from all over Manitoba attended Cecil and Martha’s Annual Horseshoe Tournament at the Reston Fairgrounds.

40 Yrs. – Sept. 14, 1978

Reston Credit Union will celebrate its 1st anniversary on Saturday, September 16…With 1,053 telephones in the Pipestone, Reston and Sinclair areas exchanges are now in rate group three. Monthly rate revisions are as follows: Individual residence - $3.65; Two party residence - $3.45; multi-party residence - $3.10; individual business - $5.80.

50 Yrs – Sept. 19, 1968

A record entry of ninety-five were on hand for the annual men’s and ladies’ fall golf tournament at Reston on Sunday. Wayne Morrow emerged as the winner.

60 Yrs. – Sept. 18, 1958

Fire badly damaged the Lever house at C.N.R. diamond west of Findlay Tuesday afternoon.

70 Yrs. – Sept. 23, 1948

The Pipestone Nursing Home with Nurse E.C. Foote in charge has been licensed by the Department of Health for maternity classes.

80 Yrs. – Sept. 22, 1938

A delegation from the Bartal School District attended the meeting of the RM of Pipestone council on September 16th and asked that accounts be applied on arrears of taxes up to December 1936.

90 Yrs. – Sept. 20, 1928

 Travellers speak highly of the accommodations available at the Pipestone Hotel and Mr. Halhead is to be congratulated on his effort in operating an up-to date hotel as such a place is a real asset to town.

100 Yrs. – Sept. 19, 1918

Lance Corporal R.R. Paul spoke to a large audience in the Manitoba Hall at Reston on Sunday afternoon describing his experiences as a prisoner of war in Germany and his escape. Corp. Paul visited at the home of his cousin Mr. F. Paul during his stay in Reston.

110 Yrs. – Sept. 24, 1908

The Sinclair elevators show evidence of the bounteous crop being harvested. There is no night here, teams surround the elevators from 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

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