Days Gone By

1 Yr. – September 22, 2017

Winners of the Canada 150 Quiz at the Reston School Book Fair were Avery Boulton, Ava Flannery, Rylee MacKenzie, Keenan Windigo, Memphis Walker, Brady Irwin, Cloe Mispelon, Liam Davidson, Jackson Revet…Judy Lochhead was the lucky winner of the Sunrise Credit Union’s Shop Local promotional draw of a $100 gift certificate from any business in the community…Top Academic Awards for Reston School (2016-17) went to Ethan Campbell, Jasmine Hamel, Jessica Kristof, Izzy Watt, Hunter Hiebert, Serena Campbell. Band Awards: Marianne Quitiong, Jessica Kristof, Izzy Watt, Jasmine Hamel. Reach Awards: Kallie-Jo Marsh, Brooke-Lynn Rowand, Spencer Duncan, Hunter Hiebert, Kyle Campion.

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10 Yrs. – September 20, 2008

Wing Night is Wednesdays at Aurora Bar and Grill where wings are 35¢ each…Broomhill may have the best kept secret in the province of Manitoba. Broomhill was once again the host for the Bird Field Trials starting on September 4. The two handlers at Broomhill are Colvin Davis and Robin Gates…Congratulations to the Reston Gentlemen’s Club for taking over the Reston Memorial Theatre Board…This year alone, 350 new wells are expected to be drilled with production to hit eight million barrels worth $800 million.

20 Yrs. – Sept. 22, 1998

 Wendy Bell of Hamiota received flowers, cards, well wishes, etc. on the occasion of her 1st Anniversary of her bone marrow transplant, June 20, 1997…Sharon, Randy and Joel are pleased to announce the arrival of Scott Alexander on September 11, 1998.

30 Yrs. – Sept. 21, 1988

Bill Iles was given a “Life Time Membership” by the local golf club. Bill has been a diligent worker through the years giving his free time to the golf club…Reston and District Ambulance Crew: Buck Martin, Kelly Toews, Roger Toews, Mark McQuiston, Gary Schiltroth, Gary Watt, Myles Van Damme, Jerome Brockman, Brad Rozak, Mary Ludlam, Bernice Van Damme, Liz Cameron, Glenda Brading, Lorna Elliott, Patsy Lockhart, Cliff Smith, Fern Toews, Velma Toews, Ted Birch.

40 Yrs. – Sept. 21, 1978

A total of 227 head of cattle went through the auction ring at the Pipestone Sales Yard on September 13. Feeder steers from 600 – 700 lbs. went through at 72 to 75 for good to choice with plain to medium from 68 to 72.

50 Yrs. – Sept. 26, 1968

Some progress was made with harvest last week with an estimated 60 to 65 per cent of the grain harvested.

60 Yrs. – Sept. 25, 1958

The 1st cattle sale at the newly constructed yards of the South-West Manitoba Feeder Cattle Sales organization will be held this afternoon at Pipestone with over 800 head to go through the ring.

70 Yrs. – Oct. 30, 1948

Reeve Wm. Watt resigned as reeve of the RM of Pipestone at a regular meeting of the council on Tuesday afternoon because of ill health.

80 Yrs. – Sept. 22, 1938

“Captain Courageous” is showing at the Reston Theatre…Rates at the Windsor Hotel were $1.25 for a single and $2.00 for a double.

90 Yrs. – Sept. 27, 1928

Infantile paralysis is rampant in Winnipeg and as a result schools are closed until October 1st.

100 Yrs. – Sept. 19, 1918

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Fumerton on September 15, a son…The Reston Garage and Machine Shop will not be open to sell gasoline on Sundays.

110 Yrs. – Sept. 24, 1908

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