Days Gone By

1 Yr. – Sept. 29, 2017

Tanis Chalmers, Manager of Economic Development for the RM of Pipestone, accepted a generous donation of $5,000 from Enbridge Pipelines as part of their “Giving Back to the Community” program. The donation will go towards the new Splash Pad to open next summer…Livestock farmers in the area are jumping for joy with the recent opening of Pipestone Livestock Sales. The auction mart is back in action for the first time since 2010…Ron and Gladys Zarn celebrate their 50th Anniversary on October 7th…Tylan Chalmers has pumpkins for sale after a successful pumpkins patch.

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10 Yrs. – Sept. 27, 2008

The community got together on September 18 and 19 to harvest 160 acres of 5602HR Wheat for the “Grow Your Rink Project..” Proceeds from this quarter go towards the upkeep of the Reston Rec Plex...Marci Quane, RM of Pipestone Community Development Corporations said, “With lots selling for $10.00 complimented by the both Residential and Business Real Property Grants, we hope for an increase in new development, business, and most importantly population.

20 Yrs. – Sept. 29, 1998

Mrs. Winkless and her Anthropology 41 class from Reston Collegiate along with students and teachers from the Hartney Collegiate had the pleasure of exploring fields in the Belleview area in search of a meteorite that had fallen some twenty years ago.

30 Yrs. – Sept. 28, 1988

Congratulations to Murray Anderson and Brenda Elis-Anderson on opening Anderson’s Food Town…The Reston Nursery School would like to announce that their first Community Calendar was a huge success selling 290 calendars. Total student enrolment for Fort La Bosse School Division in the thirteen schools has dropped from 1,898 in June to 1,872 in September.

40 Yrs. – Sept. 28, 1978

Glendon Solo Store is celebrating their 1st anniversary in business September 29 and 30th…Residents of Antler community are busy renovating the former theatre into a drop-in centre.

50 Yrs. – Oct. 3, 1968

The Reston Fun Fair had a gross of over $1,700 with a net of over $1,200 for Reston Hospital Aid…90 percent of the cereal grains are in the bins.

60 Yrs. – Oct. 2, 1958

Top price was $30.10 for steer calves and $24.40 for yearling steers at the South-West Feeder Sales at Pipestone.

70 Yrs. – Oct. 7, 1948

Mr. E. Basler, who had been the C.P.R. agent at Tilston for the past two years, had left for Sinclair, where he will be an agent.

80 Yrs. – Oct. 6, 1938

Pipestone Boy Scouts were out in full regalia on Saturday for their annual apple day, realizing $30.00…The Reston Swine Club Show was held at the Fair Grounds on Saturday last.

90 Yrs. – Oct. 4, 1928

A better service is being instituted on the Broomhill line. There will be three mixed trains a week leaving Souris on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

100 Yrs. – Oct. 3, 1918

Sinclair, Tilston and Reston held successful School Fairs recently. There were good displays of poultry, cooking, vegetables and schoolwork.



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