Days Gone By

1 Yr. – Nov. 3, 2017

  Ghosts, goblins and witches alike enjoyed the Haunted House and Family Dance held at R.E.S on Friday, October 27… This summer has been a busy one for Troy and Brenda Revet of Reston and their boys, Taylen, Jackson and Eli. They have spent the summer attending and racing in the Manitoba Motorcross Association. There are a series of 12 races held all over Manitoba. They travelled to Zhoda, Lauder, Minnedosa, Brandon, Pilot Mound, Altona and Grunthal.

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10 Yrs. – Nov. 1, 2008

  Pipestone Livestock Sales held a regular cattle sale on Monday, October 27, 2008 with 150 slaughter cattle and 1,225 feeder cattle on offer… For many cattle producers, this time of the year is Harvest time. According to Gene Parks of Pipestone Livestock Sales, prices earlier this fall are steady with last year. “There has been a slight increase of $3.00 – 5.00/cwt over the past week and a half,” said Parks.

20 Yrs. – Nov. 3, 1998

  Derrus Gray of Sinclair was honoured at the Manitoba Baseball Association Award Banquet. He was named peewee player of the year… Gary Watt of Reston received the Governor General Award of Canada at the Interact Awards Ceremony and Banquet in Winnipeg for his involvement with the Reston Ambulance Service.

30 Yrs. – Nov. 2, 1988

  Reston Motor Inn will re-open the 14 or 15th of November with the proprietor being Adam Pankhurst… There is no definite date for the opening of the three-man RCMP detachment in Reston, however it will be before the New Year.

40 Yrs. – Oct. 26, 1978

  Mr and Mrs. Grant Schiltroth are the proprietors of Reston Drugs having purchased the business from Wayne Morrow on October 1st.

50 Yrs. – Oct. 31, 1968

  Harvest of the crop remaining in the fields was in full swing at press time on Wednesday afternoon under a clear sky and nearly 70 degrees temperature.

60 Yrs. Oct. 30, 1958

 The Reston Hotel will change hands next week when Mr. Edward Peter Gulas of Winnipeg becomes the new proprietor. It has been owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. John Bondar for the past three and a half years.

70 Yrs. – Nov. 4, 1948

  Wm. Cooper has purchased the Tilston Café formerly owned by Mrs. Ed Davis.

80 Yrs. – Nov. 3, 1938

  Reg Coleman moved his tinsmithing utensils from Baldwin Block to the hall over the Mennie Building.

90 Yrs. – Nov. 1, 1928

  The Hillview anniversary supper on Friday was largely attended… The Belses United Church marked its anniversary with a special service on Sunday morning at which Rev. W. Patton of Redvers was guest speaker.

100 Yrs. – Oct. 31, 1918

  In accordance with a request from the Lieut. Gov. of Manitoba for a daily minute of prayer, every telephone switchboard in Manitoba will be silent from 12 o’clock noon until 12:01 each day from October 29th to November 3 inclusive.

110 Yrs. – Nov. 5, 1908

  Direct train service between Reston and Wolseley was inaugurated on Monday with the train leaving at 9:30 a.m.


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