Days Gone By


1 Yr. – Jan. 26, 2018

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Once again Mother Nature was uncooperative with no snow to ride on although the temperature was unseasonably warm. Approximately $3,175 was raised by the Sinclair to Brandon run. Brad Henderson went with a group of riders out of Dauphin. They started at Flin Flon with 18 riders and rode as far as Grandview. Trailered from Grandview to Onanole then from from Onanole to Erickson and trailered from there to Brandon…Reston School will be hosting the Zone 9 Curling Playdowns on February 2 and 3…Rock N Roll dance classes started back up in Reston on Thursday, January 18. Carolyn and James Magotiaux taught beginners some dance moves from the 1950’s and 1960’s while also getting a great work out…Ladies gathered together a the Dennis County Café on January 19 to show off their artistic talent with guest artist Whitney Paul.

10 Yrs – Jan. 24, 2009

A-Side winners of the Seniors Mixed Curling Bonspiel were: Lesia Milliken, Penny Edwards, Bonnie and Kay Guthrie. B-Side: Jack Fotheringham, Allan Halls, Fletch Manning, Margaret Hayward. C-Side: Bob Froese, Pat Hay, Yvonne Bertholet, and Sharon Vinck…Seven skaters from the Reston Figure Skating Club competed at the 2009 Skate Canada Manitoba StarSkate North and South Regional Competition held in Hartney bringing home a total of eleven medals: Casey Bertholet, Mallory Fotheringham, Leah Bartel, Keeley Bartel, Katelynn  Conley, Amber Caldwell, Sylvianne Poiriere. Leah, Keeley, Katelynn, Amber and Sylvianne  advanced to Provincials in Carberry in March.

20 Yrs. – Jan. 26, 1999

The Pipestone Figure Skating Club held their 3rd annual Skate-a-thon on Sunday, January 17 with approximately 50 skaters participating…Robin, Linda and big sister Erickka are happy to announce the arrival of Johnaathon Dominik Patmore on January 19…Effective April 1, 1999, the Manitoba minimum wage will increase to 6.00 per hour.

30 Yrs. – Jan. 18, 1989

Monica Irwin skipped her rink of Aaron Smith, Melissa Mayert and Benita Walker to victory in the Reston 4-H Bonspiel…J.C. Caza took 1st prize in the Pipestone Lions Fish Derby with a 5 lb pike.

40 Yrs. – Jan. 25, 1979

Fire destroyed a Minneapolis tractor belonging to Harvey Jones of Tilston. The tractor was in a shed when a short caused it to take fire, but was hauled from the building which was not damaged.

50 Yrs. – Jan 23, 1969

Over a foot of snow had fallen at press time in a storm which started on Tuesday. Snow has fallen practically every day for more than two weeks and it is estimated that over three feet of snow has fallen.

60 Yrs. – Jan. 29, 1959

The Reston Rebels defeated the Broomhill All-Stars 9 to 7 on January 27. All-Stars: Cec Jago, Ben Watkins, Bob Froese, Sid Jago, Lorne Jago, George Jago, Dale Rollins, Durwood Rollins, Durwood Rollins, Ivan Donald. Rebels: Jerry Jamieson, K. McIver, S. Hadish, A. Kendrick, D. Underwood, Glen Curtis, Bill Misener, Jack Forsyth, Jim McMurchy, Ray White.

70 Yrs. – Jan. 27, 1949

Activities at the Reston Curling Club are keen with Alex Mennie and his foursome losing their first game to Roy Green’s Linklater rink.

80 Yrs. – Jan. 26, 1939

Reports are that the Hungarian Partridges and Prairie Chickens are wintering well and that there is a large increase in number of pheasants…During the first month of curling in the Pipestone a total of 122 games were played.

90 Yrs. – Jan. 17, 1929

Last year gas killed 4,952 persons, 30 inhaled it, 922 lit matches over and it and 4,000 stepped on it.

100 Yrs. – Jan. 23, 1919

At a meeting of farmers of the Prairie Rose district held in the school last week, it was decided to organize a Rural Credit Society to enable farmers to obtain short term loans at a lower interest rate.

110 Yrs. – Jan. 28, 1909

 The Carnival at Sinclair on January 22 was a big success and the oyster supper, which was served after the carnival, was attended by 150 persons. The dance which followed was a little late getting started, but at about 12 o’clock it was going lively and it kept on until 5:30 in the morning.


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