Days Gone By

1 Yr. – May 18, 2018

Reston and District Library re-opened on Tuesday, May 15, right on schedule. New flooring was installed, both laminate and a commercial carpet tile that is laid in squares that can be heated and replaced if needed. The walls and wooden shelving units were given a fresh coat of paint and the backroom and bathroom also received a reno…The Pipestone Albert Fire Department was very busy over the weekend. Conditions in the Municipality are very dry and open fires are extremely high risk…Serena Campbell is a Grade 11 student at Reston School. She is working on a project requested by the elementary teachers to brighten up a corner of the elementary hallway. Serena is very artistic and spent many hours on this mural…Reston School Bus Drivers: Mrs. Barb Watt, Mrs. Linda Watt, Mr. Ken Milliken, Mr. Tom Campbell and Mr. Kim Davis.

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10 Yrs. – May 16, 2009

Enbridge has two major pipeline projects in the works, the Southern Lights project and the Alberta Clipper. Michele Perret, Manager of Community Relations and Anne McIntosh, Manager of Communications and Stakeholders Relations of Major Projects visited communities to provide main spin-offs available…Reston Drugs is pleased to announce that as of May 11 they have installed a Kodak Picture Kiosk for your convenience.

20 Yrs. – May 18, 1999

A karate tournament was held a the Reston Collegiate…Steven Sutcliff of Reston obtained his Bachelor of Theology degree with high honours…The Manitoba Society of Seniors 55+ hosted their Regional Bowling Tournament in Melita. Third place winners were a local team of Nellie Grieve, Nellie Thom, Doreen Hall, Jean Moore, and Bob Moore.

30 Yrs. – May 17, 1989

On Friday, the Willow View held a successful fashion show with clothing from the Tog Shoppe of Reston.

40 Yrs. – May 17, 1979

Ross Tycoles was re-elected as president of the Reston Golf Club.

50 Yrs. – May 15, 1969

A start has been made on spring work, but very little seed is in the ground.

60 Yrs. – May 21, 1959

Duff Roblin and his Conservatives won 37 seats in the provincial election last Thursday. The Liberals elected 11 and the C.C.P. 10.

70 Yrs. – May 19, 1949

A fire broke out about 1:00 a.m. on Saturday morning completely destroying the B.A. Bulk Station at Tilston and damaged Tom Bourque’s garage and hardware…Over 200 children took part in the Field Day on May 13th. Schools attending: Fertile, Bellegarde, Stoney Hollow, St. Thomas, St. Maurice, St. Edmond, Ingoldsby, and Kelvindale.

80 Yrs. – May 18, 1939

It was reported at the meeting of the RM of Pipestone council on May 10 that 1,800 doses of horse vaccine has been disposed of and a further supply would have to be ordered.

90 Yrs. – May 16, 1929

Ross McNicol Motors unloaded their fifth carload of Pontiacs on Monday.

100 Yrs. – May 15, 1919

A meeting was held in the Pipestone church on Monday to discuss the erection of a community hall…The RM of Pipestone intends erecting lines and installing phones this year, applications must be received before June 1st.

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