Days Gone By


1 Yr. – June 8, 2018

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 The season is over for the Reston Elkhorn Melita Tigers High School Baseball: Robin Patmore (coach), Jack Kirkup, Logan Toder, Layne Toder, Clayton Rozak, Billy Patmore, Shawn Chant, Trevor Frattinger (coach), Bryan Rhodes, Brady Frattinger, Tristan Shiner, Jayce Soder, Colby Joseph, Pierce Martin, Mike Tilbury, Nate Downey…Reston Club House at Reston Golf Course is now serving your favourite flavours of delicious ice cream. Barb Johnson of Antler, SK is the Club House Manager…Amber and Tyler Culbertson of Redvers, Sk are excited to announce the arrival of Jami Adeline Dee Culbertson on May 12, 2018…The Tent Caterpillar has made an appearance and has left a trail of destruction near the sandhills in southwest Manitoba...June 7th marked 10 years since the passing of Glen Walker.

10 Yrs. – June 6, 2009

Freelance photographer, Brian Sytnyk purchased the old Bank of Montreal in Reston two years ago and uses it to store and process his pictures that are sold worldwide….Both Catherine (Min) Rollins (born June 22, 1909) and Ethel Walker (born June 17, 1909) of Reston were congratulated at Seniors Helping Hand’s Wellness Clinic for turning 100 years of age in the month of June…The Rink ¼ northwest of Reston was seeded to Flax with Barry, Brad and Tyler Henderson seeding and picking stones, Dallas Watt spraying, Mar-Dee Enterprises of Reston donated the fuel, Avondale Seeds and Canterra supplied the flax seed and Viterra supplied the fertilizer and chemical…Taylor Elliott of Reston graduated from Selkirk College’s Aviation Program at Castlegar, BC. He received the AL Laing Memorial Scholarship. Air Canada Award, Air Canada Pilots Association Scholarship, and the Air Canada Award for Top Pilot. Proud parents are Larrie and Laura Ellen Elliott…Jenna Irwin is proud to be convocating from the University of Regina with her Bachelor of Social Work degree on June 5.

20 Yrs. – June 8, 1999

A state of desperation is blanketing the countryside. Time is running out for the farmers hoping to plant a crop this year. This corner of the province has received around 200 mm of precipitation in the last month…Big brothers Dusty and Josh are excited to announce the arrival of their baby sister Kalli Ann Frances on May 27.

30 Yrs. – June 7, 1989

Pipestone Electric (Larry and Bev Hamel) has closed their business…The Law Enforcement Torch Run took place on May 31.

40 Yrs. – June 7, 1979

Mr. Dave Greenly worked his last day on June 5th, as postmaster of the Pipestone post office, having put in 19 ½ years.

50 Yrs. – June 5, 1969

At press time on Wednesday afternoon, the train crew was busy trying to return to the rails., the remaining car of three that left the tracks near the crossing at the west side of Reston.

60 Yrs. – June 11, 1959

The RCMP formally took over their new barracks at Reston today.

70 Yrs. – June 9, 1949

Carpenters are working on the Memorial Hall. New ventilators have been added the roof and the men are presently erecting forms for the pouring of the entrance steps. A Marque will be erected and the finishing coat of stucco done.

80 Yrs. – June 5, 1939

Frank Long has opened a barber shop in the Reston Hotel…Two machines for the spreading of grasshopper poison were exhibited in Reston on Saturday.

90 Yrs. – June 4, 1929

The Pool Elevator is under construction at Pipestone and will be ready this fall.

100 Yrs. – June 5, 1919

Ratepayers are anxious to rearrange the municipal boundaries so that Pipestone will be in one ward and Reston in another. At present they are both in Ward 1.

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