Days Gone By

1 Yr. – June 15, 2018

The Ron and Clair Deacon Pay It Forward Program hosted an awards ceremony on June 5 and 6 in Reston. The program donates $2,000 each year and gives the students the choice of where to donate the funs. For 2018, they chose a $500 donation to the local R.E.S.; $900 towards Reston School Students attending a 2019 leadership conference; and $600 that will go towards bringing an inspirational speaker to Reston for both the students and community to learn from…Fort La Bosse Recognition Night took place in Oak Lake. Michelle Gervin was being recognized for 25 years, Kim Mackenzie for 30 years and Eleanor Gillander with 31 years. Eleanor will also be retiring after the school year is complete.

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10 Yrs. – June 13, 2009

Reston was honoured to have Gladwyn Scott, a Canadian Baseball Hall-of-Famer, throw the first pitch at the MHSAA Provincial Baseball Championships that was held in Reston…Deb Wright received a 25 year in and Sharon Simms received a 20 year pin at Fort La Bosse Recognition Supper held at Oak Lake…Tundra Oil and Gas Ltd. purchased the first edition of “The Sequel” to the RM of Pipestone history book at the History Book Launch on Friday, April 25 for $1,750. Proceeds from this auction went toward the”Jaws of Life” project…Tundra Oil and Gas generously donated $15,000 toward the Jaws of Life project for the Pipestone-Albert Fire Department…As a fundraising project, several members of the Reston Memorial Theatre have taken on the task of holding a Texas Hold’em Tournament in the Basement of the Theatre.

20 Yrs. – June 15, 1999

The Severity of the economic and business communities within Westman are suffering because of excessive flooding and excessive rainfall is becoming more apparent day by day…Clark Tweed of Tweed Farm Equipment in Medora and Killarney has reached an agreement to see the New Holland part of his business to the R.G. Mazer Group effectively July 1st, 1999…June 7, Bill Busby was honoured for 25 years of dedicated service as Community Justices.

30 Yrs – June 14, 1989

Les Iles was the Men’s Champion with a two round total of 73. Shirley Moore of Reston was the Ladies’ Champion with a two round total of 82…Playing at the Reston Memorial Theatre “Who’s Harry Crumb?”

40 Yrs. – June 14, 1979

Eugene Wiebe will succeed Tom Terarski as principal of the Reston Collegiate…Laurie Martin won the Primary trophy at the Virden Fort La Bosse field day on June 1st.

50 Yrs. – June 12, 1969

Council members from Albert and Pipestone’s RMs in Manitoba and Storthoaks and Antler RMs in Saskatchewan met on the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border to discuss the boundary markers being placed on the road allowances.

60 Yrs. – June 18, 1959

Pipestone Sports Day attracted 800 fans on the Friday. Eight baseball teams, ten men’s softball and five ladies’ softball teams competed. Riverside won the baseball with Lyleton second. Deleau won the men’s softball, Pipestone second. Reston defeated Pipestone in the ladies’ softball final.

70 Yrs. – June 15, 1939

Plans were made to build a new curling rink at Pipestone at a meeting on Thursday night…A.E. Smith has completed 50 years in business in Reston, having opened the Reston Meat Market in 1899.

80 Yrs. – June 15, 1939

The continuation of Brandon College for the next 20 years was assured when the City Council vote to levy an additional mill to support the institution for that length of time.

90 Yrs. – June 13, 1929

The Reston Field Day at the Fair Grounds on Friday was a brilliant success with the Lieut. Governor, J.D. MacGregor being in attendance.

100 Yrs. – June 12, 1919

Messrs. James and Baldwin of Tilston have sold their general store to Mr. Cosgrove. John Baldwin has opened an implement business in Tilston and is also handling Ford Cars and is an agent for the Imperial Oil Co.

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