Days Gone By

1 Yr. – August 10, 2018

Another Gymkhana was held at the Reston Fair Grounds on August 1 with 14 riders and horses from Carievale, Bellegarde, Melita, Hartney, Virden, Sinclair, Reston and Pipestone participating in pole bending, flag race, ribbon race, and golf ball in the hole race…To end the Reston Fair festivities, Reston Early Learning Centre hosted a delicious pancake breakfast on July 29…The talented Izzy Watt and Shae-Lynn Davies performed a nice selection of folk and classic rock songs at Music in the Park on August 11…Visitors with George and Donna Jago at the Lodge on fair weekend: Clare, Lisa, Abby, Mayson and Max from Manitou; Dean, Janet, Tanner, and Shelby, Nolan, Cee Cee and Walker; Clayton and Lori. George enjoyed all trips out and seeing everyone.

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10 Yrs. – Aug. 15, 2009

Sears changes hands. Sears will now be located at Reston Drugs on Main Street in Reston. It was previously located at Unique Scrapbooking and Craft Supplies of Reston from April of 2007 until now…Champion Horse at Pipestone/Albert Ag Society Light Horse Show was Shanna Lockhart, Reserve Champion Horse: Fran Fitzpatrick; Champion Pony: Beverley Kalinski and Reserve Champion Pony: Duncan Wilson.

20 Yrs. – Aug. 17, 1999

On Thursday evening, August 12, Larry Maguire was elected Progressive Conservative candidate for the Arthur-Virden constituency. The nomination was held a the Melita and Area Arena with 1,568 members registering…Phil Dornian of Souris is fifty-thousand dollars richer after the Hartney and Area New Arena RTM Home Draw.

30 Yrs. – Aug. 16, 1989

A partial eclipse of the sun will occur at 8:20 p.m.

40 Yrs. – Aug. 16, 1979

In Tilston nearly 200 were on hand when the official opening of the Kozy Nook Drop In Centre took place on Saturday afternoon...The RM of Pipestone will pay $26,450 for a new sewage wet well…The Reston and District Horticultural Society held their annual Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Show on August 10th with 442 entries.

50 Yrs. – Aug. 14, 1969

A record crowd of 2,700 attended the annual sports day in Tilston.

60 Yrs. – Aug. 20, 199

The farm grounds of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wilson of Hillview District has been awarded 1st place in the provincial competition; 2nd place went to Eddie Wilson, a brother of the same district.

70 Yrs. – Aug. 18, 1949

Lightning struck the newly constructed home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dittmer in the Sinclair district during the storm early Saturday morning…The Antler Memorial Theatre will be officially opened on August 25th.

80 Yrs. – Aug. 17, 1939

The Pipestone Girl’s Softball Club held their final meeting of the season Monday evening. They took part in 15 tournaments, played 34 games and lost only 4.

90 Yrs. – Aug. 15, 1929

On Wednesday evening, Bonniman’s Livery Barn burnt and sparks and burning embers from the blaze threatened many of the buildings on Main Street and set fire to the United Church and Manse, but volunteers put out the fire and confined damage to the livery barn.

100 Yrs. – Aug. 14, 1919

The G.S. Munro Co. is advertising harvest boots at $2.75 a pair…Threshing in the district began Saturday.


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