Days Gone By


1 Yr. – Sept. 28, 2018

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Sunrise Credit Union – Reston Branch hosted a Back to School Barbecue on Thursday, September 20, with profits of $1,192.50 being forwarded to the Reston School Breakfast Club. A good crowd attended, enjoying a burger, chips and a drink…Academic Awards at Reston School were Kyla Critobal, Izzy Watt, Jessica Kristof, Hunter Hiebert and Serena Campbell. Band Awards: Izzy Watt, Kyla Cristobal, Marianne Quitiong, Jessica Kristof.

10 Yrs. – Sept. 26, 2009

The Judges for the 2009 Broomhill Field Trials were Karen and Larry Jones of Tilston, William Smith from Moscow, Tennessee and Mike Cheely from Fayetteville, Georgia. Approximately 50 people from the community attended a delicious steak supper hosted by the trainers at the community centre…The Reston Collegiate Class of 1989 was pleased to present the Reston Playground Project with a cheque for $1,665.00 in memory of their beloved classmate, Vincent Perreault…Greyhound Canada has put plans on hold to halt bus service in the western province of Manitoba and parts of Ontario. Greyhound is the only public transportation link among hundreds of rural and northern communities in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario…The Reston Handivan went on a harvest outing. They toured the crops, had a delightful lunch at Forza Italia Bed & Breakfast as well as travelling north of Sinclair to see the Stone Wall.

20 Yrs. – Sept. 28, 1999

The Soutwest Coyotes travelled to Winnipeg to compete in the 60+ Manitoba Slow-Pitch Championships. Team members: Gerald Martin, Everett Barker, Murray Sambrook, Floyd Cheyne, Jack Clements, Ab Deleau, Leon Rey, Len Neufeld, Don Edkins, Wayne Cory and Bernie Bertholet.

30 Yrs. – Sept. 27, 1989

Lynn Cop is the new secretary at Reston Elementary School…Joe Cop will be the new principal at the Reston Elementary School, after being the principal in Sinclair for 18 years.

40 Yrs. – Sept. 27, 1979

F.R. Manning was presented with a plaque at the MCNA Convention held over the weekend. Russell was presented with the plaque to honour him as a life member of the Manitoba Community Newspaper Association.

50 Yrs. – Sept. 25, 1969

Up for re-election are Reeve Carl Wedow, of Woodnorth in the RM of Pipestone and Reeve John Williamson, the RM of Albert.

60 Yrs. – Oct. 1, 1959

The new church at Bellegarde was consecrated on September 17 by Rev. M.C. Gina…The second sale at Pipestone saw 707 head go through the ring.

70 Yrs. – Sept. 29, 1949

Ronald Chalmers was awarded the J.B. Hales Scholarship in the Provincial Normal School. The scholarship is in the amount of $100.

80 Yrs. – Sept. 2, 1939

The Anglo-Canadian Oil Co. has purchased property on Reston’s Main Street and is going to erect a warehouse.

90 Yrs. – Sept. 26, 1929

On Friday last, two bullets, fired by a person unknown, passed through the windshield of Mr. AJ. Ayer’s car as it was driven north from Reston towards Hillview. The bullets went through the back curtain of the car, passed between three occupants and went out the windshield. Those in the car were Miss Olive Ayers, William Matthews, and Miss Louise Ayers.

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