Days Gone By


1 Yr. – Nov. 23, 2018

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The Renegrades are rolling once again. The new team is back for their second season in the Westman High School Hockey League. This year the Renegades have added a new town to the community. Pierson is now a part of the Renegades family making them the R.E.M.P Renegrades….A modular classroom was moved to Reston on Friday, November 9th. The unit is 25’ x 36’ and will be used for the Grade 5 classroom…West Souris Conservation District received a donation from the Richardson Tundra Oil & Gas of $100,000…Take our kids to work day was November 14 with Grade 9 students spending a day at work with a parent, relative or volunteer to help them learn about today’s workplace and explore possible future career options.

10 Yrs. – Nov. 21, 2009

Reston Elementary classed filled shoeboxes to help needy children around the world in desperate situations…Remembrance Day Services were held at Reston Collegiate on November 10 and Reston Memorial Theatre on November 11. Manitoba Dragoons in attendance were Chantal Elliott, Quinn Henuset, Zachery Harvey and Nathan Prest…The Reston Recorder along with all the papers of Corner Pocket Publishing are changing to a Wednesday publication….In celebration of the RM of Pipestone’s 125th Anniversary, Pipestone Guild held an Old Fashioned Beef Dinner on Tuesday, November 10 with approximately 100 people attending.

20 Yrs. – Nov. 23, 1999

Christmas trees and wreaths are available at G & M Farm Service…Jeanna Irwin, Meghan West and Candice West attended the Manitoba Sectionals at Portage with their coach Laurie Bertholet.

30 Yrs. – Nov. 22, 1989

Anderson’s Food Town celebrated their 1st Anniversary…Sinclair Minor Ball held a Wedding Fashion Show in Sinclair School…Arin Smith, 20, is in St. Boniface hospital with undisclosed injuries after a car accident on the municipal road southwest of Reston.

40 Yrs. – Nov. 22, 1979

Fewer deer and the bucks only season combined to make the pickings slim for deer hunters…A motion was made that the men’s curling take a one year leave of absence.

50 Yrs. – Nov. 20, 1969

The Harvey Trophy awarded to the RM of Pipestone, for the most improved roads, for municipalities with more than 100 miles of road, is held by Councillor Wilson Skelton.

60 Yrs. – Nov. 26, 1959

Max Caldwell was elected president of the Reston Curling club at an annual meeting on Thursday evening.

70 Yrs. – Nov. 25, 1949

Alex McKenzie of Pipestone was the unanimous choice of the members of the Pipestone – Albert Ag Society to head the society…At the annual meeting of the Reston Co-op Elevator Assoc., the financial report showed an operating surplus of $5,403 for the year.

80 Yrs. – Nov. 23, 1939

The girls cooking class in Tilston under the leadership of Mrs. J.S. Cosgrove met Friday. Officers elected: Isabel Miller, Pres; Doris Jones, Vice Pres.; Mabel Moir, Sec.

90 Yrs. – Nov. 21, 1929

The hydro will be turned on about the first week of December…The Reston Rink Co. has secured the services of Chas. Caldwell as manager of the winter and flooding will commence very soon.

100 Yrs. – Nov. 20, 1919

The question of a municipal hospital, has been approved by the local government and in the near future, the ratepayers of Albert and Pipestone will vote on the question.



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