Days Gone By

1 Yr. – Nov. 30, 2018

“South America is a long way from my farm near Reston, Manitoba,” said Fred Greig. “I’m part of a team made up of members of the Canadian value chain – Cereals Canada, Canadian International Grains Institute, Canadian Grain Commission and an exporter.” The Canadian team is equally committed to bringing back what it hears from customers during these missions to ensure that the value chain has a good understanding of customer needs…Reston Minor Hockey Day was held on Saturday, November 24 at the Reston Rink.

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10 Yrs. – Dec. 2, 2009

Suzanne Ellis of Reston and her mother Marie Phillips have exchanged the same Christmas card back and forth for forty years…A Natural Health and Wellness Fair was held at Pipestone Hall on Saturday, November 21, 2009 and was sponsored by the Reston Fitness Centre…Kelvin Shurvell recently noticed some vandalism done to his property on the corner of Main Street and 3rd Avenue in Reston. The cornerstone has been pried away from the wall and part of the date has been chipped off.

20 Yrs. – Dec. 7, 1989

There was a Dessert and Coffee Benefit for the Mark and Janice Gould family to help financially with Mark’s battle with cancer…Jessie Gloor was featured in Keri Vinck’s Senior Spotlight…Stewart Trail celebrated his 95th Birthday.

30 Yrs. – Dec. 6, 1989

Ted and Lil Atchison’s home was destroyed by fire…Elwyn McConnell caught a 7 lb pickerel at Oak Lake…All Stars from Reston’s Varsity Volleyball team:  Jamey Lobreau, Corey Caldwell, Jason Berry, Lara Campbell, George House, Kim O’Brien.

40 Yrs. – Dec. 6, 1979

Friday, November 30 was the day when Vera Berry officially retired as the health nurse for the district after serving for ten years.

50 Yrs. – Dec. 4, 1969

The Cromer Community Club held their annual meeting on Tuesday in the elevator office. Officers elected: Tin Smailes, Pres.; Bob Berry, Vice Pres.; Hardy Lewis, Secretary; Wally Chambers, Treasurer.

60 Yrs. – Dec. 10, 1959

The C.P.R. have made application to abandon the Reston-Wolseley branch. The line was built between 1905 and 1908 and there is 122.8 miles of track.

70 Yrs. – Dec. 8, 1949

It was reported at the annual meeting of the Tilston Pool Elevator on Tuesday evening that the handle for the year was 150,000 bushels…Reston Curling Club fees will remain at $10 and $8 this year.

80 Yrs. – Dec. 7, 1939

C.C. Campbell and Son have renovated the old round house building and will use it as a seed cleaning plant  and also for cattle feeding in addition at the south east corner of the building.

90 Yrs. – Dec. 5, 1929

Reston electric power plant was taken over by the Hydro on Monday.

100 Yrs. – Dec. 4, 1919

The Cromer Rink was ready for opening last week except for the installation of a lighting plant.

110 Yrs. – Dec. 9, 1909

The cost of the telephone system in Pipestone is $55,000…Reston Rink fees are $5 for men’s skating; $3 for ladies; $2 for children and $10 for family of four with $1 for each additional member. Curling fee is $8 with $10 for a combined curling and skating ticket.

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