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1 Yr. – Jan. 12, 2018

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If you have seen the new Reston School Playground sign, either in person or as featured in a previous Reston Recorder, you may have been curious about the Zilliax Family Trust. Sharon Simms, a teacher as the school did some digging to find out who the Zilliax family was. Research uncovered the story of a young teenager who left his hometown in the 1920’s and obviously kept a piece of Reston in his heart…Reston’s own Tommy Lee Curtis climbed into the ring with wrestling hall of famer Jake (the snake) Roberts at his corner Monday, January 8 in Virden…To celebrate the last day before Christmas Break, the Parent Advisory Committee organized a Christmas Banquet on December 22.

10 Yrs. – Jan. 10, 2009

Bev and Mary Milliken of Reston received the Manitoba Square and Round Dance Federation Inc’s “Crocus Long Service Award” for outstanding contribution and dedication to the square and round dance movement…From the time 21-year-old, Curtis Campbell could walk, he lived for professional wrestling. We all have dreams, but very few us ever pursue them, making them a reality. Curtis attended the Storm Wrestling Academy under Lance Storm, when he entered his first match June 6, 2007 against Beautiful Bobby Fletcher…Cadet Trooper Quinn Henuset of Pipestone received a very special T-shirt from Sub Lieutenant Von Niessen. Quinn was the Top Red Star in a recent Drill Competition…Six skaters from the Reston Figure Skating Club participated in the Skate Virden Competition on January 2 and 3, bringing nine medals. Sylvianne Poirier (Antler, SK) received 1st in Junior Bronze/Pre-Juvenile Women’s Short and 1st in Junior Bronze Women’s Free Skate…Willow View PCH held another successful Christmas Quiz Night.

20 Yrs. - Jan. 12, 1999

Bobbie-Jo Irwin of Sinclair had the privilege of dropping the puck at the World Hockey Championship game of Czech Republic vs. USA at the Keystone Centre on December 28…In December, Russell and Fletch Manning were visitors to Belize and Guatemala in Central America…The Reston Merchants’ Association sponsored their annual Sparkle Tour with the winners being declared of Jim and Betty Morrice…Shirley Jago of Medicine Hat received her certificate for Massage Theraphy...Kent Erik James Forsyth of Pipestone was presented with a scholarship of $450.00 from the Dominion Command District No. 3…James E. Downey for Arthur Virden will not run in the next provincial election.

30 Yrs. – Jan. 4, 1989

Oak Lake Sioux Reserve’s 1st annual New Year’s Pow Wow was held at the Pipestone Community Centre on December 30th…The Reston Rockets total wins out of 7 games this season is 6 and 1 tie.

40 Yrs. – Jan. 11, 1979

A fire at the Reston Rink on Thursday morning of last week was quite extensive. Destroyed in the blaze was the Ford 300 tractor and damaged was the resurfacing machine attached to the tractor, the annex of the north side which house this equipment, upwards of 30% of the insulation on the skating arena roof, plus some of the smaller beams being bent.

50 Yrs. – Jan. 9, 1969

At a meeting of the congregation of the Hillview Church is was decided to close down the church at the end of June in 1969.

60 Yrs. – Jan. 15, 1959

Construction of Brandon was been awarded the $39,000 contract for the construction of an RCMP barracks at Reston…Sinclair won the McDonald Brier district playoff here.

70 Yrs. – Jan. 13, 1949

Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Bulloch leave on Thursday for Winnipeg. They will be joined by Mrs. W.R. Robinson and will leave for Toronto and Montreal.

80 Yrs. – Jan. 12, 1939

C. McMurchy and son expect to start erecting their new garage in the near future.

90 Yrs. – Jan. 10, 1929

The mechanical organ for the Reston Rink is expected to arrive the first of next week.

100 Yrs. – Jan. 9, 1919

Lance Corporal Russell Miller who has been overseas for more than two years has been wounded in action, and arrived home on Friday.

110 Yrs. – Jan. 7, 2009

School opened Monday, with A.J. Manning, principal, Miss N. McLachlin 1st assistant, and Miss McIntyre in charge of the junior grade…J.B. Ireland will deliver rich and fresh milk in Reston for .06¢ per quart.

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