Digital Subscriptions

Digital Subscriptions

 Would you like to read the Reston Recorder in a digital format? We would like your feedback.

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 Is this something you are interested in, or would possibly be interested in? We welcome any comments or questions you may have in regards to a digital subscription. The paper as you receive it now, whether in one of our distribution boxes or in your mailbox, would be delivered each week, to your phone, tablet or home computer as a PDF. 

 Give us a call, stop in at the Reston Recorder, fill out the form on our website: www.restonrecorder.comor check out our facebook page. You can email your comments directly to recorder@mymts.netor

 Currently, we are setting up a list of potential customers. This does not commit you, we are only looking for numbers and a demographic before we make this a reality. Having the paper delivered to your email has many advantages:

1. You receive your weekly paper instantly on your computer.

2. You can save back issues to read at a later date.

3. You eliminate the cost of printing the paper, and also save the environment.

4. You can enlarge the print on your computer.

5. The paper will be sent directly to your email, so you can access it anywhere.

6. You will save money on your subscription, as an emailed subscription will be $35.00. You can order all four papers (Reston Recorder, Deloraine Times, Souris Plaindealer and Melita New Era) for  $125.00.

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