Golden Estates Senior Housing Development

After a year and a half of planning, this project is finally breaking ground!  It began with some market studies and community informational meetings to establish the need and availability of a new senior home.  Surprisingly, or not, 25% of the Reston population is aged sixty-five or plus.  And nobody wants to move into the nursing home until it is absolutely necessary. Golden Estates will offer nine couple/single suites with a daily full hot meal, a lighter meal and a continental breakfast, as well as housekeeping and linen laundry. 

A year ago, a committee was formed to develop this housing.  They are:  Reeve Archie McPherson,  Chairperson Ross Tycoles, Blaire Williamson, June Greggor, Lisa Jones and with CAO Michelle Halls aside.  Also, Jacques Rollier of J. Rollier Associates, Concept Design and Project Management and Dale Walls of D. A. Walls & Associates, Resource Consultant, both from Winnipeg, have provided and continue to provide valuable input to plan this housing project.  The committee was very pleased to add on Aaron Smith, of Hometown Lumber, as general contractor.

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 The Golden Estates Development will be built on the old school grounds south of the rink, which has room for potentially two more senior living homes. A parking lot and garden area is also planned. After a lot of consideration, the committee felt that the old RES School yard location provided a central location to access downtown, rink, the new RES Place and hospital. The Golden Estates will be funded by the RM of Pipestone.  The seniors’ home will be approximately 6,000sq. ft. on the main level as well as the lower level. Because of general public preference to have larger suites, the committee decided to have nine suites instead of ten as originally planned.  The main level includes nine suites (ranging from 400 sq. ft. to 455sq. ft.), kitchen, dining room, multipurpose area, laundry and outdoor veranda. The lower level will have a large multipurpose room, family room and fitness room which can be as one room or sectioned off.  There will also be a tub and shower room, offices available for needed services, two hobby rooms, a guest suite, tenant storage, pantry, laundry and a mechanical room.

 The Golden Estates will need to employ at least four staff.  Monthly rent will include meals, housecleaning, linen laundry, heat, electricity, TV, and internet.  The monthly rent will be finalized in the very soon.

 A trip to Dominion City, where a very similar senior home was recently built, gave a great impression and visual to really see how this home would look.  So, another trip is planned for anybody interested in the near future.

 A community meeting will be set up this fall.  The finish date for the Golden Estates will be late summer 2019.

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