Land and Water Day 2018

 On September 18, 2018 at the Cherry Point Interpretive Nature Trail (North side of Oak Lake) grade 5 & 6 students from Reston and Pierson Schools attended West Souris River Conservation District’s annual Land and Water Day. Students rotated through stations on various topics that included: Nutrients for Life presented about the vital role fertilizers play in feeding our world, Fur Bearers of Manitoba, Bird Identification, Critter Dipping, Brandon Search and Rescue Association presented the AdventureSmart program that helps lost children survive in the woods. It teaches children how not to become lost in the woods, and what to do should they become lost.

 Students also had the opportunity to sample water from Oak Lake and test for the following parameters: phosphorous, nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, temperature to determine water quality. The Oak Lake Sifton Fire Department members had their water rescue equipment and spoke on water safety. At the end of the day, Luke the search and rescue dog, showed off his tracking skills locating lost people.

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 The West Souris River Conservation District would like to thank the following organizations: Critical Wildlife Habitat Program, Brandon Search and Rescue Association, Nature Manitoba, Oak Lake Sifton Fire Department, Mr. Geortzen’s Virden Collegiate biology class, Nutrients for Life, South Central Eco Institute (River Watch), Brenda Anderson and Tundra Oil and Gas Partnership Ltd.

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