Launching the NEW INNOVATION SHOWCASE for Manitoba Ag Days 2020


Manitoba Ag Days will be taking place at the Keystone Centre in Brandon Manitoba from January 21-23rd, 2020, just over one week away!   The three days exposition encompasses everything imaginable in agriculture.  It is 100% Pure Farm.   This fall Manitoba Ag Days announced a revamping of their popular Inventors Showcase to Innovation Showcase.

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 Innovation and Technology is changing the way we operate our businesses at a rapid rate, and it was time that we revamped the feature to encompass all the truly amazing and inspiring advancements happening in agriculture.   We are now able to showcase 32 companies amazing advancements in 7 different categories:

NorthStar Genetics (Agronomics) – NorthStar Genetics Floury; Koch Agronomic Services, L.L.C. (Agronomics) – Centuro; ATP Nutrition (Agronomics) – NutriScan; Taurus Ag Marketing (Agronomics) – Crystal Green; Alpine the starter fertilizer company (Agronomics) – Alpine F18 MaxTM ; 20/20 Seed Labs Inc. (Agronomics)  - Spornado; The TireGrabber (Farm Safety) – The TireGrabber; Setter; Manufacturing Division (Farm Safety) – Bin Safe System; Farm Lead (Agriculture Services) – Combyne; Zeghers Canada (Agriculture Equipment) – Semi auto Toter; MeterVeyor (Agriculture Equipment) – MeterVeyor; Highline Manufactureing (Agriculture Equipment) – AccuMixTM – AM 1000s; Case IH (Agriculture Equipment) – AFS Connect Magnum; Mid-Plains Implements Ltd./Amazone (Agriculture Equipment) – WindControl and ArgusTwin; Vermeer Corporation (Agriculture Equipment) – ZR51200 Self Propelled Round Baler; Innotag Distributions Inc. (Agriculture Equipment) – Boomerang Chaff Cart; Ag Shield Mfg. (Agriculture Equipment) – Terra MT 8400; Lubercore Manitoba (Agriculture Equipment) – Mannual Greasing Banks for Disc Parell Link Drills; Texas Refinery Corp of Canada (Agriculture Equipment) – 880 Crown and Chassis Extreme; Arbourdale (Animal and Livestock) – Huwa-San Drinking Water Disinfectant; Gallagher (Animal and Livestock)  - MBS Energizers; FenceFast Ltd (Animal and Livestock) – Serca Wire Fence Strainer; Thunderstruck C/O: Protexia Plastics (Animal and Livestock) – Agrirepel; Top Grade Ag (Ag Tech) – IBD Monitor; Adaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc. (Ag Tech) – Bindapt+ Advanced Thermostat; Intelligent Ag (Ag Tech) – Engage® Zone Control; Pioneer C/O: Gradular (Ag Tech) – Granular Insights Directed Scouting; Intelligent Ag (Ag Tech) – Recon SpreadSense; Bushel Plus (Ag Tech) – Bushel Plus Harvest Loss App; Duck Foot Parts Inc. (Farm Built Solutions) – Duck Foot; Airguard Incorporated (Farm Built Solutions) – Sabre Clamp; Triple pass welding (Farm Built Solutions) – Manitoba gate.

 Visit for more information on these exciting new technologies and innovations.  Innovation Showcase contestants will be identified with signage throughout the three days of the show.  The best new innovation in each of the categories will be announced on Wednesday January 22, 2020 at Manitoba Ag Days.

  For more information regarding Manitoba Ag Days please contact Andrea Guthrie, Manitoba Ag Days Media Coordinator (204)851-7229 or Kristen Phillips, Manitoba Ag Days General Manager at (204)728 -4137

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