Local kids build Mini Golf

Pipestone Fundays weekend was the perfect opportunity for a group of community-minded children to get to work raising money. This wasn’t their first venture into fundraising as two years ago they got together and sold lemonade to help build the same playground they now enjoy.  This year they constructed a mini golf course, working both Saturday and Sunday during the ball tournament selling rounds of golf even in the extreme temperatures. The group was once again successful in their efforts raising $157.40.  Over the course of the project the kids discussed what to do with the money raised. They eventually came to the agreement to donate it to Cancercare. On Sunday evening, after a chance to cool off, the kids presented it to Mel Edwards who is currently undergoing treatments in Winnipeg. Mel has since donated the money on behalf of the children to Wheels of Hope, the cancer care transportation vehicles that take cancer patients to appointments. 

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 The community of Pipestone has a history of getting things done with a little hard work and a lot of determination.  It looks like the next generation of citizens are following in the footsteps of the previous. Well done kids!

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