Man’s Best Friend

 The Pipestone-Albert Recreation Commission is offering a 5-week dog obedience class under the direction of Shelley Doan of Two Brown Dogs Canine Consultants. The classes, beginning October 6th, are held Saturday mornings in the Pipestone rink. Two Brown Dogs Canine Consultants provide family-friendly education and training for new and experienced dog owners.

 Two Brown Dogs has the only certified professional dog trainers in western Manitoba. Dr. Renee Will, owner and Training Director, is also a Certified Behaviour Consultant-Canine. Certification ensures that your dog’s trainers are current, knowledgeable in scientific principles of learning and training and are able to assess your dog and tailor training and training plans to your needs.

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 Two Brown Dogs Canine Consultants mandate is family pet dogs. They focus on pet dogs and the skills they and their owners need. Classes are small, maximum of six dogs, and instruction is tailored to the needs of your family and home. Family-friendly dogs need to learn more than dogs that are trained for a specific purpose or residents dogs that stay outside all of the time. Among many other behaviours they need to learn how to:

• Behave in our homes in ways that are safe for all family members, including infants, children and members who might be older, ill or unsteady.

• Be friendly to visitors.

• Live in our space without being destructive.

• Settle and be steady when there is lots of activity and stimulation.

• Cope with strangers, even noisy strangers, such as when kids have friends over.

• Be alone when human-only activities take over

 Two Brown Dogs believes that your relationship with your dog is your most important training tool. They believe all dogs can be taught to be happy, healthy family pets without the use of dominance or aggression in training.

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