Music for Young Children

 A new program is being introduced to Reston this fall. Kari Schiltroth, local teacher at Reston School, held an open house on Wednesday, August 8 which showcased MYC (Music for Young Children) to the community. 

  This long time running program has proven itself successful time and time again. The program is an early childhood music education method that incorporates several different learning tools that provide children a strong understanding of music. 

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  Kari was bit by the music bug, at a very young age attending MYC, at the age of three. She then carried her love of music through lessons at the age of 5. “I have always had a passion for music and feel like it is one of the most personal ways to express yourself,” proclaims Kari, “As I continued with piano and voice lessons, I realized that music was more than just a passion for me and decided to enroll in the Brandon School of Music in order to take Performance in Piano.” Unfortunately for Kari she developed carpal tunnel and realized that performance may not be something she would be able to continue. But sometimes when one door closes, another one opens and Kari found herself loving the art of teaching just as much and incorporates music into her career every chance she gets. Kari had been thinking about doing the MYC Instructor course for a few years and it wasn’t until she realized that she hadn’t accomplished most of the things she wanted to do over her maternity leave. Not that Netflix and baby cuddles wasn’t a pretty sweet way to spend some of her free time. But that’s when she decided to turn her dream into a reality and took the course. 

  Finally, I asked Kari what some of her goals were for her MYC program, “I would love to see this program become a stepping stone to private lessons for the children of the community. I think moving from group lessons with movement and games to a more structured program, such as private lessons, is such a natural progression. I think it would benefit kids to have a knowledge of music before becoming of private age. They can also graduate from the highest level of MYC with their grade 1 piano. Imagine starting private lessons and school music with that knowledge!”

  A famous musician once said, “When children listen to music, the don’t just listen. They melt into the melody and flow with the rhythm. Something inside starts to unfold it’s wings, soon the child and music are one.”

 Kari will be set up at Registration night on Wednesday, August 29, between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m.

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