New RCMP officer in Reston

  The community of Reston would like to extend a warm welcome to Constable Jesse Stober, his wife Lindsay and their two children Paislee (5) and Kashton (3). The Stober family arrived in Reston at the beginning of summer and are looking forward to school starting so they can meet some community members through their children’s activities.

  Jesse has been active with the RCMP for four years. They were stationed in Selkirk and Oxford House before coming to Reston.

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  As a family they enjoy golfing, hockey and baseball.

  “We have just returned from watching a Blue Jays game in Kansas City,”said Constable Stober.

  “We both grew up in small communities so we are happy to have our kids thrive in a place where everyone knows your name and waves when you pass them by,” explained Stober. “We experienced that atmosphere and would love our kids to have the same opportunity.”

  The Westman RCMP Detachment covers from the Saskatchewan border to Highway #21 and from the American Border to north of Virden.

  “Reston is a little busier that I expected since the Westman Detachment took over policing Souix Valley. We are happy to be able to live in this corner of the Province, especially Reston as my brother, Cole Stober ,used to play for the Reston Rockets,” said Stober. “Cole lives in Minot, ND so it will be nice to be close to him.”

  Paislee will be enrolling in Kindergarten at Reston School and Kashston is excited to be attending Preschool. They both are interested in taking part in one of the many activities that Reston has to offer, such as skating, dance or hockey. 

  Lindsay, for now, is a full-time, stay-at-home mom, but is considering extending her schooling in the medical technology field.

  “It will be nice to get settled and meet some people,”said Lindsay.

  The Stober’s, including their valley bulldog, Luna, have moved into the barracks in Reston and are looking forward to making this their home for the next 3 to 5 years.

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