One Fast, One Furious

 Monday, June 10 Dave Cox was seen leaving Pipestone, riding across Canada on a unicycle, yes a UNICYCLE that he calls "One Fast, One Furious". Unicycle Dave was born and raised in St. John's and now resides in Toronto. He was looking for a good place for breakfast and Kim MacKenzie pointed him in the direction of the Comeback Café before snapping this photo. He is riding 7500 km from Victoria BC to St. John's NL.  Dave began his trip on May 9, and hopes to be at his destination by the end of August.  On Sunday, June 9 he set his personal record of travelling 206 kms in 12 hours. During his trip, Dave will be filming a feature length documentary about his adventures, and posting updates on his Instagram. You can follow Dave on twitter, Instagram or Facebook at unicycledave. Good luck on the rest of your journey! 

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