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Pipestone 4-H Achievement was held on Sunday, June 23 in Pipestone.

Judge – Ken Wray; Ringperson – Kyle Campion, Emcee – Karen Van Buuren, Photographer - Barb Elliott,

Judging Cards – Harvey Mahy.

This year’s club consists of:

Head Leader: Aurel Vodon;   Assistant Leader: Val Forsyth;   Pee Wee Leader: Carrie Tapp.

Pee Wees: Hudson Barkley, son of Drew and Lindsay; Dylan Tapp, son of Matthew and Carrie

Intermediates: Christian Lansing, son of Dale and Frances; Dominique Lansing, daughter of Dale and Frances; Julianne Ludlam, daughter of Glen and Marianne, Kelsey Vandenberghe, daughter of Jason and Teresa

Seniors: Kieran Eilers, son of Gaylin and Teresa; Erik Forsyth, son of Glenn and Val; Donavon Lansing, son of Dale and Frances; Tyler Vodon, son of Aurel and Rita.

Results as follows:

Showmanship Class

Senior Showmanship: 1. Tyler Vodon; 2. Donavon Lansing; 3. Erik Forsyth; 4. Kieran Eilers.

Intermediate Showmanship: 1. Christian Lansing; 2. Julianne Ludlam; 3. Dominique Lansing.

Pee Wee Showmanship: 1. Hudson Barkley; 2. Dylan Tapp.

Overall Top Showman – Tyler Vodon.

Pee Wee Class: 1.. Dylan Tapp; 2. Hudson Barkley.

Heifer Class: 1.Julianne Ludlam - Champion Heifer; 2Tyler Vodon - Reserve Champion & Top Homegrown Heifer 3. Dominique Lansing.

Continuation Heifer Class: 1. Tyler Vodon - Champion Continuation Heifer;

Calendar Year Calf Class: 1. Tyler Vodon - Champion Calf.

Market Steer Class: 1. Tyler Vodon - Champion Steer; 2. Erik Forsyth - Reserve Champion Steer;  

3. Christian Lansing; 4. Dominique Lansing; 5. Donavon Lansing; 6. Kieran Eilers; 7. Julianne Ludlam

High Gaining Steer  - determined at Virden Fatstock Show Day: 1. Erik Forsyth with a gain of 616 lbs; 2. Tyler Vodon with a gain of 600 lbs.

Top Breed Awards: Angus - Erik Forsyth; Simmental - Christian Lansing;  Shorthorn - Tyler Vodon

Judging Class:Senior: 1. Kieran Eilers; 2. Erik Forsyth; 3. Tyler Vodon 4. Donavon Lansing.

Intermediate: 1. Julianne Ludlam; 2.Chritian Lansing; 3. Dominique Lansing.

Pee Wee: 1. Hudson Barkley: 2. Dylan Tapp.

 The Pipestone 4-H Beef Club is grateful to the following who sponsored their achievement and for everyone for attending: Van L Equipment; Pipestone Lions Club; Nelson Motors & Equipment; Broomhill W.I.; Redfern Farm Services; Charlie Elliott; Turnbull Sales & Service; Tracy Landels; Sunrise Credit Union (Reston); Carrie Tapp; R.M. of Pipestone; Yvette Holden; Taylor Auctions; Doug & Gladys Campion; Pipestone Livestock Sales; Elis & Carol Van Buuren; Prospect Simmentals; Brian & Sharon Zarn; Van Buuren Stock Farm; Kenn & Tracy Forsyth; Poplarview Stock Farm; Rose Marie Gilliard; Scott Sambrook - Medora Pioneer dealer; Stan & Wanda Patmore; Stoney Creek Ranch (Tom& Jean Dickson);Glenn & Val Forsyth; Butler Hills Farm (Darrell & Diane Elliott); Danny & JuneV. Gilliard; Sunlite Stock Farms (Terrance &Tyler Vodon); Garry, Astrid, Michael & Sheri Decock; Mayville Farms (Bill & Phyllis Downing); Roger & Carla Richard & family; Elliott Grain & Cattle (Garth & Barb Elliott & family).




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