Pipestone 4-H Beef Club Report


 On Wednesday, October 16th/19, the Pipestone 4-H Beef Club held their Re-Organizational meeting at the Drop Inn Center in Pipestone. We had 9 member and 2 Pee-Wee members present.

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At the end of our meeting we held our Election of Officers:

Executive 2019-2020:

Past President - Donavon Lansing

New President - Erik Forsyth

Vice-President  -Christian Lansing

Secretary - Tyler Vodon

Treasurer - Julianne Ludlam

Area Council Rep: Drew Barkley and Donavon Lansing

Reporter: Dominique Lansing and Nevaeh Barkley

Scrapbook: vacant

Fat Stock: Dale and Fran Lansing

Food Convenor: Glenn and Val Forsyth

Gift and Prizes - Fran Lansing and Lindsay Barkley

Head Leader - Drew Barkley

Assistant Leader - Val Forsyth

 Our November meeting we discussed our upcoming weigh day to be held at the Pipestone Auction Mart on December 14 at 11:00 a.m. We would then have a quick meeting to follow afterwards.  After our general meeting we had a guest speaker - Monty Thomson from Gladstone, MB.

 He talked to 4-H members and the parents about what to look for in a 4-H steer. He talked about some ideas on how to feed your animal as well. Everyone seemed to enjoy the speaker and had a lot of questions for him. I think it was a great presentation to the 4-H members and families.

 On December 14/20 we held our weigh day at the Pipestone Auction Mart. All members brought their steers and heifers in to be weighed and tagged. It was a cool day but everyone seemed to enjoy seeing how much their animals weighed. Afterwards we had pizza and snacks followed by a quick meeting.

 We would like to thank Brock and Kelly Taylor of Pipestone Auction Mart for allowing the use of their facilities. It was greatly appreciated.

 Our January meeting was held at the Cromer Skating Rink. Members were encouraged to come out for a quick skate before our meeting. A few members young and old came and enjoyed themselves on the ice of fun and games. It was a great time enjoyed by all.

 Afterwards we held our meeting and discussed dates for our Public Speaking Communication night. We set a date for February 9 at 3:00 p.m. at the Pipestone Auction Mart.

 February 9/20 we held our Public Speaking Communication's night . All members presented a speech and it was very interesting to see and hear so many different speeches.

We would like to thank our judges for the day. They were Keely Woods, Pipestone; Chantal Elliott, Pipestone and Michelle Hamel, Reston.

 Our winners for each age group were: Seniors - 1st - Donavon Lansing; 2nd -Tyler Vodon; 3rd - Christian Lansing. Intermediates - 1st - Julianne Ludlam; 2nd- Dominique Lansing. Juniors- 1st - Nevaeh Barkley. Pee-Wee members - Dylan Tapp; Huson Barkley; and Kaylee Van Buuren

 The top 2 from each group go to Virden for Zones. Congratulations to all members, they all did a great job. And good luck to the ones going onto Zones.

 Our March meeting had to be cancelled due to Coronavirus outbreak. 4-H members are encouraged to remain at home and practice Social Distancing. It is a difficult time for everyone at this time. At this time all 4-H programs are suspended until further notice. Our Achievement is tentatively slated for Sunday, June 28/20 in Pipestone. Right now we are unsure about this event at this time. As things progress and develop, we will inform the public if this event is still a go or if we have to cancel.

Our main goal is to stay safe and healthy.

Submitted by Dominique Lansing

Pipestone Beef Club

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