Reston School is growing

 A modular classroom was moved to Reston on Friday, November 9th The unit is 25’x 36’ and will be used for the Grade 5 classroom. Von Ast Construction out of Niverville is the contractor for the site preparation, moving the portable classroom and finishing the project. It is estimated that the classroom will be utilized within in six weeks. “The best time they could give me was six weeks from the first day of site preparation,” said Principal Dan Kristof. “Although, we were warned that delays could occur.”

 The building was constructed in Steinbach, MB, by Three Way Builders and is one of 11 portable classrooms contracted by the Province. “This project is funded through the Public Schools Finance Board. They do not fund single classroom additions to pre-existing buildings. Obviously, our preference would be to add on to the existing building, with more than one classroom to have additional space, but it would not be financially feasible,” explained Kristof.

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 The numbers for students entering Kindergarten and leaving Grade 12 are the same at 10. “Most of our growth has come from students transferring in from other schools and new families moving into town,” said Kristof. “Our current population is 196 students.”

 Currently, the Multi Purpose Class room has been used as the Grade 5 classroom and with the addition of the new modular classroom, the plan is to make turn that room back into a multi use space.

 Fort La Bosse School Division has a portable modular classroom in Elkhorn utilized as a kitchen for the home economics program.

 The new modular classroom is located on the north side of the existing school. There is a walkway between the classroom and the north doors with no expectations of being connected any time soon. The classroom has locker storage but does not contain plumbing for washroom purposes. The modular classroom will have a phone, bell, PA system and will be connected to the Internet.

 Reston School is excited about the upcoming expansion and hopes the transition to a classroom will go smoothly.

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