RM of Pipestone to build Man-Made Lake

 In the fall of 2018 the RM of Pipestone Council will initiate Phase 2 of their Recreation Development Area.  This will include a man-made lake in the town of Reston. The lake will be utilized for activities such as swimming and non-motorized water sports.

 The lake will be created in a location adjacent to the Reston campground, golf course and spray park.  Approx. 226 ft. in diameter, with a floating dock and slide in the middle. The RM of Pipestone Council has committed $250,000 to the project and an additional $50,000 has been acquired from the Province of Manitoba though the Community Places Program.  The RM of Pipestone Recreation Development Committee will proceed with fundraising and accumulating sponsorships in order to achieve success in the project.  A sponsorship package will be available in the coming weeks.

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 The creation of this green space will add accessibility to the region for recreational and tourism opportunities. “This is a green and affordable option to create accessible recreation, provide employment through trained summer staff for swimming lessons, while maintaining an affordable option for families and community members to participate in recreation that does not exist in the region,” stated Tanis Chalmers, Manager of Economic Development, RM of Pipestone. 

  The RM of Pipestone will become a one stop shop for summer recreation including a full-service campground, spray park, man-made lake and golf course facility.  “The impact on our communities economically will be dramatic through the increased traffic in our business and tourism sectors.  This is an opportunity for sustainability and growth for the tourism and business sectors of our region,” informed Tanis Chalmers, Manager of Economic Development, RM of Pipestone.

 The local population has been actively discussing the options for a pool over the past 30 years with many differing options.  When the idea of an artificial lake was discussed there was optimistic response and excitement that this project would be successful. It is a unique and affordable option to provide a new service to the region. Development costs are a minimal, the annual deficit is minimal and the ability to hire staff is more effective than that of a pool.  Construction is set to commence in September 2018 with an estimated opening of Summer 2019.

 If you have any questions regarding the RM of Pipestone man-made lake, please contact Manager of Economic Development, Tanis Chalmers.

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