Ron + Clair Deacon Leadership Program donates $2000 to Keep Safe at the Reston Lake


Reston School students and Program Founders Richard and Reston Deacon were thrilled to present a $2000 cheque on June 5 to the Reston and Area Foundation and the RM in support of a new safety program at the Reston Lake. Students from the mentorship program now in its 3rd year were given the $2000 donation on behalf of the Reston James Deacon A Living Legacy Fund with a chance to choose how they wanted to give away the funds. “The students felt that a safety program at the new lake would help keep the town safe and encourage more tourism,” said Reston School Principal Dan Kristof. “We empower the kids to nominate a cause or charity each year to direct our donation towards, for us it isn’t about telling the kids where the money should go but asking them, they are the heart of the community and know what worthy causes should be supported,” said Program Founder Richard Deacon. The program wrapped up another successful year with the kids hearing from Olympic medallist Kelsey Serwa, sustainable entrepreneur and President of Pela Case Matt Bertulli, Dr Lanice Jones from Doctors Without Borders and a local farmer and Silicon Valley agri-tech investor Scott Day. “The kids learn to ask great questions, broaden their horizons, and hear from some inspiring people that started off just like them,” said Program teaching lead Kent Schiltroth.

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 The program will be back in the Fall at the Reston School, students and adult community mentors that would like to participate in the program are encouraged to contact Principal Kristof at the Reston School.


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