Seniors Helping Hands

 At time of writing Seniors Helping Hands is still operational, but the activities for the general public have been suspended until March 31.

 Please see the RM of Pipestone postings for the cancellations at this time.

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 We are in the office our usual days at present, offering services to our clientele who chose to self isolate.

Please call the office if we can help with grocery, mail, medicine delivery.  If you are in need of a ride somewhere, we still have volunteers helping with that, and the handivan will only be used by wheelchair or mobility challenged individuals. This will be booked by calling 204-877-3920.

 Congregate Meals, for those who qualify, are continuing at the Alstone Lodge, please continue to call the kitchen at 877-3901.

 Menu for the coming week includes: March 23 - Soup and Biscuits; March 24 - Quiche; March 25 - Hamburger Casserole; March 26 - Pizza and Caesar Salad; March 27 - Roast Beef.

 Thank you for your cooperation at this time, we will survive!

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