Seniors Helping Hands – Treasure Hunt

Seniors Helping Hands – Treasure Hunt

 If you have been enjoying this beautiful weather and maybe out for a walk, here is something for you to do.  A "Treasure Hunt" around Reston:  

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1. A house with a black railing

2. A blue car

3. A plant in the window  

3. A recycling bin

4. Someone out for a walk

5. A camper in the driveway

6. A dog 

7. Easter bunnies in windows 

8. An electricity box

9. A licence plate that spells a word

10. A house with a "9" in the number

11. A bird

12. A fire hydrant 

13. Teddy bears in windows 

14. A house with no cars in the driveway

15. A bicycle

16. A porch with 2 chairs on it

17. A licence plate that starts with an "A"

18. Easter colouring pictures in windows 

19.  An outside light turned on

20. An open garage door 

21. Stained glass paintings on windows 

22. A basketball net

23. A "for sale" or "sold" sign

24. A black garage door

25. A wreath on the front door

26. Christmas lights

27. A "welcome" sign

28. A house with 3 cars in the driveway   -

29. A group of kids colouring pictures in the shape of a Easter wreath in the window. 

 You can find everything off this "Treasure Hunt" in Reston and have lots of fun and laughs looking. 

 Congregate Meals for the week will be:  April 6 - Soup & Sandwich; April 7 - Mushroom Meatballs; April 8 - Salmon Loaf; April 9 - Ham & Scalloped Potatoes and April 10 - No Meals - Good Friday.  If you’re wanting any of these meals please sign up or call Wilma 204-877-3901.

 If you’re needing any help with anything or just want to talk, please call us at Seniors Helping Hands @ 204-877-3920.  Please be safe and stay healthy.  Remember practice social distancing.

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