Stick it to Cancer raises for $2,900


 Sunrise Credit Union – Reston Branch, hosted a very successful 6th Annual “Stick it to Cancer” fundraiser on Thursday, March 12, raising over $2,900 for the Breast Cancer Foundation. The evening began with a delicious lasagne and Caesar salad supper, followed by raffle tickets and an 8 – 7 hockey game between the Black and White of the combined Westman Fusion and REMP High School hockey teams.

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Raffle Winners: 

Rustic sign, Reston Drugs – Sheila Campbell; Golf shirt, wine glasses, coffee mug, Andrew Agencies – Bree Russell; Travel mug, book, Souris River Watershed District – Emily Elliott; Blue tooth speaker, Reston Fine Foods – Gerald Bartel; Book and wine glasses, Reston District Library/Bonneville Transport – Judy Lochhead; Book and wine glasses, Reston District Library/Bonneville Transport – Stacey Boulton; $25 Shopper’s Mall gift card, Shopper’s Mall – Lynn Boulton; Gift basket, Christie’s Office Plus – Brian Zarn; 1-year subscription/hat, Reston Recorder/Murray Chevrolet – Lisa Irwin; 1-year subscription/hat, Reston Recorder/Murray Chevrolet – Lisa Jones; Hoodie, card holder, rescue tool, 2 can coozies, bag, Woodworth Dodge – Camryn Raimbault; Ladies golf shirt, card holder, rescue tool, 2 can coozies, bag, Woodworth Dodge – Bev Twigg; Collage photo frame and towel set, Terry Tratch (Select Books) – Terri Vandenberghe; Sports Game Set, GDR Ag (Greg & Donita Roblin) – Debbie Vanbeseleare; Blanket, 2 bibs, 2 burp clothes, touque and scarf, Patsy Lockhart – Marvyn Howden; Bike, Sunrise CU Staff – Reston Branch – Mandy Chartrand; Wine rack, Richard & Judy Lochhead – Donita Roblin; Necklace, Janice Lobreau – Kylie Young; Dr. Seuss sign, Shirley Jago & Cathy Williamson – Shae Kontize; Gift basket, Mar-Dee Enterprises – Bev Gray; Rustic sign, Randy Boulton & Sharon Simms – Jenna Wheelans; Gift certificate/rescue tool and can coozie, Dennis County Café (2017)/Woodworth Doge – Keri Vinck; 31 Large utility tote, Candy Wanless – Candy Wanless; Cutting board & knife set, Turnbull Sales & Service – Brad Rozak; Friends frame, candle, plaque, jewellery organizer, $25 Canadian Tire card, Avondale Seed Farm Ltd – Donita Roblin; Tote bag/2 movie passes – Keith & Marilee Smeltz/Reston Memorial Theatre – Bev Twigg; Lego tractor and water bottle, Nutrien Ag Solutions – Dan Kristof; Wall hanging, can coozie, rescue tool, Brad and Donna Rozak/Woodworth Dodge – Danny Vanbeselaere; Cooler bag, rain gauge, golf towel, MASC – Glenn Forsyth; Lawn chair, RM of Pipestone – Jaycee Vandenberghe; “Fight Like a Girl” hoodie, Blondie’s Boutique – Shae Kontize; 31 Large utility tote & picnic thermal, Patricia Verhelst (31 Consultant) – Shirley Jago; $50 Dennis County Café certificate, Ron and Sharon Elliott – Laura Jean Campbell; $50 Irwin Auto certificate and wine glasses, Irwin Automotive – Meghan Caldwell; Flower arrangement and candle holder, Sylvia Halls – Jennifer Bartel; Earrings, Sherri & Gerald Bartel – Cadee Sobry; Philadelphia Flyers merchandise, Suzanne Chapman – Ty Vandenberghe; Gift basket, BDO – Gerald Bartel.

The door prize was won by Suzanne Chapman.

 The hat pool winners were: 1st - $50.00 Lisa Irwin, Blank Square; 2nd $50.00 Blank Square, James Ternovetsky; 3rd $100.00 Robin Patmore, Blank Square. All winnings from the blank squares were donated to the breast cancer foundation as well as all winners from the hat pool graciously donated their winnings back.

 50/50 – winner was James Ternovestsky ($153.00) – James donated a portion of his winnings back.

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