Stick it to Cancer raises over $3600

 Sunrise Credit Union, Reston Branch, hosted a very successful 5th Annual “Stick it to Cancer” fundraiser on Thursday, March 14, raising over $3600.00 for the Breast Cancer Foundation. The evening began with a delicious ham and perogi supper, followed by raffle tickets and a hockey game between the Westman Fusion and REMP High School Hockey.

Raffle Winners:

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Book and fleece blanket, donated by Janis Lobreau – Carmen Martin; Christmas tree skirt, Patsy Lockhart – Lynne Boulton; 2 movie passes/John Deere picture, Reston Memorial Theatre/Cathy Williamson/Shirley Jago – Kathy Reid; His and her power banks, Sherri and Gerald Bartel – Darwin Gray; Gift basket, Reston Drugs – Ida Zarn; Canada themed fleece blanket, Candy Wanless – Sherri Bartel; Afghan, Sylvia Halls – Tammy Vanbeselaere; Gift certicate/Hat, Reston Recorder/Woodworth Dodge – Pat Forbes; Personal power bank, Turnbull Sales & Service – Murray Jago; 2 Books, Reston & District Library – Georgina Fletcher; Hair products/Seacret product, Beauty & Beards – Sherrill Duffield; Jacket, Bonneville Transport – Everett Jones; Gift certificate/hat – Reston Recorder/Woodworth Dodge – Kathy Reid; Pink toy chainsaw, Van L Equipment – Anita Reyes; Travel mug/golf balls/ lunch kit/book, WSRCD – Analiza Mendoza; $25 gift card, Shopper’s Mall Brandon – Cathy Williamson; Set of 4 glasses and 2 hats, Andrew Agencies – Brad Rozak; 2 Books, Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corp – Everett Jones; Outdoor fire bowl, Terry and Lisa Vanbeselaere – Kylie Young; $50 gift certificate, Reston Fine Foods – Brian Stewart; $50 gift certificate, Reston Fine Foods – Sharon Elliott; Gift basket, Smith Sales & Service – Brian Stewart; Hat/shirt/2 pens, Pipestone Livestock – Brigette Morrice; Coin set, Canada Post – Shirley Jago; Micro foldable drones, GDR AG – Georgina Fletcher; Melissa & Doug pots and pans, Wiebe’s Corner Store – Patsy Lockhart; Bike, Sunrise CU (Reston Branch) – Lori Jago; $25 Boston Pizza gift card/flashlight/multitool keychain, Moore’s Electric – Linda Patmore; 31 Gift deluxe tote, Cheryl Bartel – Brian Stewart; Frame, Randy Boulton and Sharon Simms – Carolyn McConnell; Gift basket, Reston School – Gloria Vanbeselaere; $100 cash, Barb Schiltroth family – Murray Jago; 1 month membership, Reston Fitness Centre – Alisha Davidson; Cooler bag/2 travel mugs/$25 mall card, Mainline/Sunrise CU (Reston Branch) – Sherrill Duffield; Picnic set, Ron and Sharon Elliott – Kurtis Callendar; Plant and stand/wood carving, Richard and Judy Lochhead – Toni Davis; Lawn chair/2 cooling towels, RM of Pipestone – Randy Henuset; Norwex Products, Alisha Davidson – Savannah Davis.

 The 50/50 was won by Corey Caldwell. Hat Pools were won by Glenn Forsyth, Lori Jago, Cathy Williamson and Glen Vercaigne and all hat pool money was graciously donated back to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

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