Take Our Kids to Work Day

Take Our Kids to Work Day was Wednesday, November 14. Grade 9 students spend a day at work with a parent, relative or volunteer to help them learn about today’s workplace and explore possible future career options.

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 This year our Grade 9 students spent the day at a variety of work places. One student experienced what it would be like to work in a restaurant at the Dennis County Cafe and another spent the day with little children at the day care here in town. One of the girls learned to clean at the hospital and one of the guys worked for the RM in both public works and head office. They did everything from carpentry, to social media consulting, to shop Forman at Four Seasons and hairdressing in Virden. One student travelled out of province to check out the oil business from the field site of a geologist on a rig, to the directional drilling office at Millennium Drilling in Carlyle. It was no doubt an eye-opening day for the students!

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