The 2019 Broomhill Field Trials

The 2019 Broomhill Field Trials were held September 1 – 4th in Broomhill.

 Currently, there are only two licenced dog-training operations in Manitoba and they are both run in Broomhill. Colvin and Mazie Davis of Alabama run their kennel south of Broomhill while Robin Gates and his son Hunter of Georgia operate just west of Broomhill on Highway #345. “Robin was absent as he had flown home a week earlier with a back injury from falling off his horse, but he did fly back up a few days after the  trial was complete and is doing fine now,” stated Mazie Davis.

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 Each day of the Field Trials, the dogs, predominately English Pointers, but a few English Setters, are taken out in what is called a “Brace”. Most braces are one hour long and include the handler, their scout, someone to drive the wagon with the dogs, and other riders called the gallery and judges. Colvin and Mazie were judges for this year. “Curtis Gervin is the President of the Broomhill Field Association and was such a help during the trials; Wayne Thompson is President of the Manitoba Championship and was always was there daily with hot donuts and a big smile!  He drove the dog wagon as did Rob Fraser who is a director of the Field Trial Association.  These three were a tremendous help during the running,” explained Mazie.   “All the landowners and neighbors are so good to let these trials run in Broomhill and we would like to thank each of them for their loyal generosity and Gervin Stock Farms for lending us a Kubota.” 

  In Canada, the dogs are trained to locate prairie chickens and Hungarian partridges. All the dogs at the field trials wear a tracker device with a radio receiver. If a dog goes missing and is not brought back within 20 minutes or 1/3 of the brace time, it is disqualified.

 Field Trials results: Randy Anderson (Oklahoma), Larry Smith (Iowa), Tony Reynolds (Alabama), John and Martha Neely (Georgia) were on hand with Larry, Tony, and Randy running the entered dogs.  Randy won the Championship with Tony winning Runner-up. Tony won the John S. Gates Memorial Derby with Randy being runner-up.  Tony won the Broomhill Open All-Age with Randy winning second and third.  Randy won all three placements in the Broomhill Open Derby.

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