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Distrubution Boxes

 I heard some concerns about not knowing when your subscription will be due. To help out, I will publish the box numbers (not your names) in the first Jotbook of the month that have subscriptions due. You are also welcome to call the Recorder if you have any questions or have misplaced your code for the distribution box.

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Santa Sunday

 Reston Memorial Theatre will be showing Peter Rabbit, a free show, sponsored by the Reston Merchants, for Santa Sunday on December 2 at 2:00 p.m. Stay after the show and meet with Santa. Participating stores will be open during the afternoon and stay for Fireworks at 7:00 p.m.

Please be advised

 Please be advised there have been reports of coyotes being sighted in the town of Reston. It currently is the time of year where juvenile coyotes start leaving the family pack (September-November). While coyotes are normally fearful of people, they can sometimes be spotted crossing yards or streets. This behaviour is not unusual, especially in residential areas bordering on open space where coyotes find their natural prey. They may simply be taking a shortcut to their favourite hunting ground. This type of sighting generally requires no response – other than making sure that pets and children are secure and that there is no likely food attractions present in the area.

Pink Shirt Day

 The Canadian Red Cross will be kicking off its annual Pink Day bullying prevention campaign in Manitoba and Nunavut on Tuesdayby revealing this year’s official shirt design.

 Media was invited to see which design was selected by voters from across Canada as the official Pink Day shirt for 2019. The T-shirts will be worn by youth and adults across Manitoba and Nunavut on Pink Day, February 27, 2019, to express support for standing up to bullying.

  The Canadian Red Cross has been a leader in violence, bullying and abuse prevention education in Canada for more than 30 years. In support of that education, the Red Cross is the lead organization for Pink Day in Manitoba and Nunavut, working with hundreds of schools across the province and territory.

Wise Winter Weather Tips for Your Family Yard

 When Old Man Winter comes, calling, homeowners need to keep everyone in the family – including your pets safe.  Follow these wise winter weather tips:

• Bring Pets Inside: Dogs and cats should be kept inside during cold weather months. Wipe their paws and bellies after they’ve been outside, and check for ice accumulation between paw pads.

• Pick up Debris: Before it snows, remove debris and household items from your family yard. Doormats, hoses, toys and sticks can hide under a layer of snow that could harm your snow thrower, family or pets.

• Clear a Path: Your snow thrower is a convenient way to clear your driveway and sidewalks. It also gives your pet a path to their bathroom area.

• Trim Trees Carefully: When using a chainsaw, stand with your weight on both feet, adjust your stance so you are angled away from the blade and hold the chainsaw with both hands.

• Ventilate Portable Generators: If a winter storm knocks out your power, a generator can be a life-saver, if used properly. Place the generator outside and away from windows, doors and vents that could allow carbon monoxide to come indoors.

Just for Laughs

 A duck, a skunk and a deer went out for dinner at a restaurant one night. When it came time to pay, the skunk didn’t have a scent, the deer didn’t have a buck so they put the meal on the duck’s bill.


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