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Happy New Year!

 This time last year I promised myself and shared with our readers that I was taking a positive attitude on life. I used the quote:

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Life is Short

Take theTrip.

Buy the Shoes

Eat the Cake

 I have to say that I fulfilled my promises. We started the year out by going to Winnipeg to visit family. While we were away, as punishment, my dog ate 4 pairs of my shoes in 3 days. That’s over a pair a shoes a day, but instead of getting upset, I told myself, well I said I was going to buy the shoes and I did. I carried on my new way of thinking by taking our first ever, warm vacation to Mexico in January of 2018. Check off my list. Over the year, we celebrated the birth of our great niece, Mackenzie (cake), we celebrated my 50th Birthday (ate cake), our March Birthdays (there are a lot of March birthdays, so more cake), went to Las Vegas with my high school friends to celebrate turning 50 (trip), becoming grandparents for the first time (yes, there was cake), Nora’s 2nd birthday (cake), honoured the anniversary dates of the passing of my brothers by taking a family walk along the river at Melita (no cake but new family traditions made), camping trips with friends and family (trips), my Uncle Eldon’s 75th Birthday (cake), celebrated Meghan graduating from Nursing College as a LPN (ice cream cake, because she is gluten intolerant), Mom’s 85th Birthday (cake), Madelynn’s 1st Birthday (and you guessed it, more cake).

 This year, I plan to do it all over again. I want to embrace each birthday, anniversary and milestone because Life is Short.

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