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Happy Thanksgiving

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  The Reston Recorder Office will be closed to celebrate Thanksgiving on Monday, October 14. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


Reston and District United Appeal

 The 13 charities which are members of the Reston and District United Appeal are: Cerebral Palsy Association;Reston Nursery School; Alzheimer Society of Westman
Canadian Cancer Society; Child and Family Services; CNIB; Reston Early Learning Centre; R M of Pipestone Handivan; Heart and Stroke Foundation; Kidney Foundation of Canada; Diabetes Canada
Society of Manitobans with Disabilities; and Reston and Area Foundation.


No munching in public

 Brian Pallister says Manitoba won't allow consumption of edibles in public when they become legal in December Cannibis edibles will be legal in Manitoba just in time for the holidays, but Premier Brian Pallister says the sweet treats won't be allowed in public. (Jeff Chiu/The Associated Press)

 Though they'll soon be legally sold across Canada, Manitobans may have to leave their pot-infused cookies, gummy bears and brownies at home.

Following last year's legalization of recreational cannabis, pot edibles are set to be legally sold this December. But Premier Brian Pallister says consuming them in public won't be allowed in Manitoba.

"You can't go out to the park and eat them," Pallister told reporters Friday. 

Manitoba's current cannabis laws already prevent smoking and vaping pot in public or in a vehicle — and include a $672 fine for people caught doing so. But the rules around consuming edibles are a little more hazy. 

 Pallister believes the legislation already prohibits consumption of edible products, but admitted it's possible an amendment may be needed.


Just for Laughs

Well I ordered my first Beyond Meat burger today. It didn’t go well, I’m not sure why?

Cashier: Can I take your order?

Me: I’ll have the vegetable thing that identifies as a beef burger please.

Cashier: You mean the beyond meat burger.

Me: Yes.

Cashier: That’ll be $3.59.

Me: (placing 3 twigs and some grass on the counter and pushing it towards the cashier) here you go.

Cashier: (has a puzzled look on her face) ma’am what is this?

Me: That’s beyond money.


 While preparing for Thanksgiving, a teacher had mentioned these foods: corn, carrots, squash, beans, peas, turnips, potatoes, and so on. She then asked, "Can anyone think of one word to cover all these things?" A student replied, “Gravy”.

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