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Sadly this year’s Remembrance Day turned into a media sensation when Don Cherry was fired.

 “I’ve just learned I’ve been fired by Sportsnet for comments made on Coach’s Corner Nov. 9th “No problem.” I know what I said and I meant it. Everybody in Canada should wear a poppy to honour our fallen soldiers. I speak the truth and I walk the walk, I have visited the bases of the troops, been to Afghanistan with our brave soldiers at Christmas, been to cemeteries of our fallen around the world and and honoured our fallen troops on Coach’s Corner.

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 To keep my job, I cannot be turned into a tamed robot, I would have liked to continue doing Coach’s Corner. The problem is if I have to watch everything I say, it isn’t Coach’s Corner.

 I want to thank everyone who has watched Coach’s Corner over the last 35 years.

 Remember to wear your poppy to honour our fallen soldiers…Thumbs up.” – Don Cherry


International Digital Health Week

 This week is International Digital Health Week - a time to recognize how digital health innovations are transforming the delivery of care across Canada.

 With recent news that almost 5 million Canadians (including 15% of the population in Manitoba) don't have access to a regular healthcare provider, digital health solutions can help fill a void and support Canadians' health and wellness needs.

Loreen Wales, an Edmonton-based dietitian, developed an online wellness program after a life-altering car crash. Realizing she couldn't get the support she needed, she created a tool she knew could help others who faced similar struggles accessing healthcare and wellness help.

Loreen can speak to the need for digital healthcare tools in Canada and some of the unique issues in Manitoba, including:

• Approximately 15% of population in Manitoba do not have a regular healthcare provider. This is in line with the national average.

• 30.8% of Manitobans are obese - this is higher than the national average of 26.8%.
• 602,900 Manitobans over the age of 18 were either overweight or obese in 2018. This is a 6% increase over the 2017 rate of 568,400.

• In 2018, workers in Manitoba were absent from work 8.8 days annually because of illness or disability. This is highest rate in the Prairies (the region averages 7.3 days lost per worker) and slightly higher than the 8.1 days lost nationally.

In Winnipeg, the absentee days per worker for illness and disability is 8.4.


Just for Laughs

The three hardest things to say are:

  1. I was wrong
  2. I need help
  3. Worcestershire Sauce
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