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 It is not the COVID-19 virus that scares me so much as the fear that surrounds it. Social distancing was not even a thing a month ago and now it is on everyone’s mind. Reston has followed suit and has cancelled or postponed many community events. This week’s paper should have included a local dance recital, the ice show, and the retro sports dinner. I thought that instead of writing Senior Spotlight once a month, I will try to write a story on a weekly basis.  Hopefully these can be done by email or even over the phone. If you are interested, please give me a call at the Recorder. You do not need to be currently living here, perhaps you grew up in Reston and moved away later in life. If you have a story to tell, then I will help you get it out there. I believe everyone of us has a story to tell.

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 I will try to keep the paper local. Corner Pocket is pulling their resources and sharing stories on their websites that concern the whole province. Go to

 Facilities Closed to the Public

All municipal owned facilities are hereby closed to the public as of Wednesday, March 18 at 6:00 p.m. until further notice. All events, private or otherwise, are suspended with no exceptions. Facilities closed to the public include: RM of Pipestone Office, RES Centre (including Pipestone Albert Recreation Commission, Reston and Area Early Learning Centre, Reston Nursery School, Pipestone Art Therapy, Reston Fitness Centre, RM of Pipestone Dance Club), Reston Rec Plex, Reston Memorial Theatre, Sinclair Community Hall, Pipestone Community Hall, Pipestone Drop-In, Pipestone Skating Rink, Cromer Recreation Centre, Cromer Hall, Scarth Hall, Al-Res-Tone Drop-In, Golden Estates, Pipestone-Albert Fire Hall, Public Works Shops, Reston and District Library, Sinclair Rink.

 At the present time, visitors are not permitted at the Reston Health Centre/Willow View PCH unless for compassionate reasons.

 The Dennis County Café in Reston has decided for the safety of their employees and the community to be open for take-out only. They are graciously offering to deliver as well.

 Both the Reston Fine Foods and Reston Drugs will remain open and are offering home deliveries for those in isolation. Reston Fine Foods is giving the option of an hour of shopping at 8:00 a.m. for seniors and those who are at risk.

 It seems that most businesses are going out of their way to help our community, so we ask that you shop local whenever possible. If take out is an option then utilize that. A suggestion of buying gift cards now locally, to be used at a later date, is an excellent way to support our businesses. You can put those gift cards away for birthday/Christmas gifts to use throughout the year, it puts some cash in retailers, restaurant owners hands now when it is needed the most.

 The RM of Pipestone is offering the following services to seniors or those in isolation at no cost: Grocery Delivery: 204-877-3501 to place your order, Pharmacy Delivery: 204-877-3641 to place your order. All orders must be placed by 3:00 p.m. and deliveries will be made after 4:00 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Seniors Helping Hands is still offering Congregate Meals.

 Take this time to read, start a hobby, binge watch a favourite television program, go out side for a walk,  call, Facetime or go “old school” and write a letter to a friend.

Just for Laughs

 It seems that life as we know has been written by Margaret Atwood (author of the Handmaid’s Tale) or worse Stephen King - but the best comparison is that life has been written by someone in Grade 4: So there was this virus and everyone got real sick. Then the whole world ran out of toilet paper and school was cancelled. And then it snowed.


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