Tilston Beef 4-H Communication Night

Tilston Beef 4-H Club held their Communication Night on Sunday, January 20. Members that placed 1st in their age category will be competing at the Zone Communications on Sunday, February 10 in Melita School. Shown Back (L-R): Makayla Duthie, Erica McNish, Connor Murray, Kyleigh Magotiaux, Autumn Kirkpatrick, Mitchel Schuddemat, Kelly Wheelans. Third Row (L-R): Alex Duthie, Riley Bugg, Kallie-Jo Marsh, Monty Forbes, Riley Whitome. Second Row (L-R): Dallas Wheelans, Arabelle Tilbury, Bently Ratcliffe, John Ratcliffe, Brianna Wheelans, Quinton Serruys, Ally Goforth, Denali Tilbury. Front (L-R): Westyn Ratcliffe, Robert Wheelans, Parker Wheelans, Jack Fraser. Missing:Beverly Jean Downey, Maisie Minshull, Mac Minshull, Brooklyn Raynor, Frankie Raynor, Billy Raynor, Jake Sterling, Ben Sterling

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